Environmental Management Assignment  – UK

Unit Title :- Environmental Management
Assessment Type :- Assignment
This course work is a repetition of the original presentation. Students who failed this piece of work did so for one or more of these reasons:
Environmental Management Assignment  – UK

Environmental Management Assignment  

1) they had weak presentation skills diction reading from slides not easy to under stand strong back ground noise (?)

2) they recorded their presentation in inadequate surrounding e.g one recorded himself on a train (?!) another out side a house with a lot of noise 2 would you like if I had recorded and broadcasted any of the lectures in those conditions?

3) they did not record the presentation on Power Point

4) they did not post a presentation recording (there it was no link) or they did not follow the instructions

  • record the presentation on youtube and post the link in the submission area

5) they had weak team management skills – e.g they could not form a group they had conflict they rejected members of the team etc. In this course work you are ALSO marked on teamwork. If you do not dis play team management skills you will probably fail.

You are allowed to change groups from the original teams For example a group of four can split in two groups of two.You can split two groups into two different groups. Or you can work in the original groups. The key thing is that this is a team exercise. A lone presenter cannot achieve a pass Please write the names of the presenters on the first slide and designate one of the presenters as the leader.

Students are required to perform a group it must be in a team oral presentation on an innovation initiative this presentation will last 12 minutes.The presentation will consist of 10-12 Power Point slides which will be marked together with the presentation. The Power Point slides you use for the presentation limited to 12 twelve will need to be submitted via Canvas/ Studynet on the same day the presentation is delivered. This piece of assessment is worth 30% of the total mark on this module the mark for the presentation is collective to the group. You are required to use the School’s Referencing System provided for you at induction this means that you will need to include at least some basic references on your slides and a list of references at the end. Important: the front slide and the list of references are not included in the number of slides so if you have only one slide of references and considering the front page you will have a maximum of 14 slides. In practice the presentation needs to broadly address the following:

Environmental Management Assignment  – UK

for MaaS

What is the business case[1] for supporting MaaS from a resource efficiency and sustainability perspective?

What are the organizations Whim can set up relation ships with to aid the diffusion of their MaaS app in the UK? In particular:

How could strategic niches be formed and managed?
What issues could arise from managing strategic niches?

Considering the issues identified with a lower inclusivity to women due to perceived risks factors

Outline possible strategies to address the problematics identified around risk factors for women

Formulate recommendations for communications to reassure women who wish to use Maa S for their travel.

For Co farm

Explain what the business case [1] is for supporting Cofarm’s product and service offerings from a resource efficiency and sustainability perspective

What are the organizations Cofarm can set up relationships with, to aid the diffusion of their products and services nationwide? In particular:

Environmental Management Assignment  – UK

How could strategic niches be formed and managed?

What issues could arise from managing strategic niches?

One key factor which can limit the diffusion of Cofarms products and services is the routines people per form around food which often privilege the convenience of town store chains and superstores such as Tesco Morrisons and Sainsbury’s

Outline behavioural research strategies to investigate consumers’ food choices

Formulate recommendations for communications to encourage local sustainable production of organic food

[1] A business case is a justification of a course of action project or enterprise in terms of economic benefits e.g. return on investment income generated balanced against the risks of the project.

You can see this assignment as a pitch Please do not read from notes in the video Adlib speak to the camera eye contact Say little but well Pretend you are trying to get new business you cannot do this if you read from notes!

Please Note: You MUST upload the Power Point file as well as the YouTube video.

Instructions to make and upload a Power Point Video please please with sugar on top read this

Recorded Presentations (002)-1.docx

Environmental Management Assignment  – UK

Here’s a sample of a Power Point video I made earlier please skip the advertisements

In summary:
if you want to pass this assignment you need to work with at least another student but as original I want 5 record a presentation on Power Point convert the Power Point in a MP4 file all in the instructions on the link and upload the MP4 on you tube. If you do not this you are likely to fail.

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