ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment – UK

Subject Code & Title :-  ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture
Weighting :- 60%
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Very Important:
 Read these instructions prior to commencing the assessment
 Non conformance may result in penalisation
ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment – UK

ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment

General Advice for ENV Assignments
 You may find it help ful to read through the whole assignment before starting to answer the first question;
 You should certainly read through the whole assignment before starting to answer any part of it;
 Note the wording of assignment, in particular the action verbs and ensure that you answer the question asked and not the one that you think should have been asked!
 ENV are science modules hence your answers should be scientific in tone;
 Where required present arguments that are logical and contain statements which are supported by scientific information expressed in the correct scientific terminology;
 Your tutor will not look favourably on over generalised discursive writing that fails to address the points at issue;
 For most written answers credit will be given for the overall quality of the writing for clarity structure and appropriate style as well as for the content

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding
a) Demonstrate a comprehensive under standing of the policy, environmental and socio-economic factors that underlie sustainable manufacture;

Subject specific skills
b) Critically evaluate key influencing factors on sustainable manufacture such as material substitution light weighting energy efficiency etc.;

ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment – UK

Key Skills
e) Synthesise and critically analyse complex arguments;
f) Effectively present information, ideas and viewpoints to different audiences.

Presentation of the Assignment
 All answers must be printed or typed on sheets of A4 paper.
 Present answers in clear English with a good standard of grammar.
 When answering questions requiring calculations and data presentation remember to:
– present your answer clearly;
– include all steps in a calculation;
– use SI units;
– give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures;
– give all graphs, tables and diagrams a title;
– clearly label axes on graphs.
 It is essential that all work that is not your own is referenced (see Plagiarism below)
 The Study Skills Guide details an acceptable method of referencing.
 Where reference is made to legislation guidelines and principles state the full name and date.

What constitutes plagiarism or cheating?
If you submit an assignment that contains work that is not your own with out indicating this you are committing plagiarism. This might occur in an assignment when:
 Using a choice phrase or sentence that you have come across;
 Copying word-for-word directly from a text
 Using text downloaded from the internet
 Borrowing statistics or assembled facts from another person or source;
 Copying or downloading figures, photographs, pictures or diagrams with out acknowledging your sources
 Copying from the notes or essays of a fellow student.

The penalties for plagiarism are severe and could result in you being terminated from your programme of study at the University

 All texts should be referenced using the Harvard System. An on-line referencing tutorial is available at the Skills Hub webpage on NILE

 Cite academic journals text books and government-reports in preference to web- pages.

 Assignments which are poorly referenced and/or over use web-based only sources of information will be penalised.

Submission of Assignment
 All assignments must be submitted via NILE
 Assignments handed in after the Deadline Date will be penalised (See Course Guide for details).

Assignment Grading
Assessment Grading Criteria for the assignment are attached to this assignment brief.

Notification of Grades
Graded scripts will be returned to students within three weeks of the submission deadline date.

Sustainable design is the approach to creating products and services that have considered the environmental social and economic impacts from the initial phase through to the end of life. In thi

ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment – UK

Task 1: Incorporate Sustainability in your design:
– Select at least one component of your choice to re-design based on Sustainability principles
– Conduct impact analysis of product
– Perform meaningful design changes to reduce impact
– set of guidelines which a designer or design student might use when developing a responsible / sustainable design.
– Perform Life Cycle Analysis of the selected design
– The UN have created 17 sustainable development goals. These are a collection of global goals designed to be a blue print to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’.

Use the link above to explore the goals under stand what the UN hope to achieve through each of them in the selected product design.

Task 2: Below is 2 everyday products which you might find in a home. I would like you to choose one of these products and conduct a product analysis with a focus on responsible
design and then complete a short redesign task to improve the sustainability of the product. For your product redesign you should:

– Make informed innovative and challenging changes to the product to make it a more responsible  sustainable design.
– Sketch a variety of small changes or even completely redesign the product.
– Consider ESE, the 6R’s new technologies, changing materials.
– Add annotations to explain your design what changes have you made and how your changes have a positive impact.

Oral B Smart 4 rechargeable electric toothbrush
Materials: Nylon brush bristles, ABS or polypropylene casing on all 3 products silicone grip on toothbrush rechargable lithium battery Manufacturing: over moulding injection moulding vacuum forming

ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment Product 2: Nespresso Pod Coffee Maker:
Dimensions(WxDxH)(cm): 14.22 x 32.51 x 42.34
Materials outer casing: Stainless steel, ABS, urea formaldyhyde (nonrecyclable)
Materials storage tray: Aluminium acrylic
Materials interior: copper wire polyester resin polyproylene solder
Manufactruing techniques used: injection moulding press forming performation cutting welding soldering

ENVM072 Sustainable Manufacture Assignment

Your written answer should be no more than 3,000 words. Reference material should include high quality academic journals as well as industry sources in a Harvard format.
In addition a presentations need to be presented to class discussion this count 20% of the assignment marks.

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