EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1 – UK.

Subject Code & Title : EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation
Poster: 2000 words equivalent
Seminar Presentation: 10 Minutes with 5 minutes question and answer seminar.
Academic posters are often used to share information and are an important part of many conferences, seminars and exhibitions. They can act as an advertisement for your area of work, a way of sparking debate or as a tool for raising awareness of an issue. They may be used to present quite complex material, and so it is important that the information on them is well laid out, legible and attractively presented. An easy-to-read illustration helps tell a story and makes data points easier to understand. The aesthetic design draws the viewer in; the information helps the viewer analyse and understand the data being presented.
EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1 – UK.

EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1

Your Academic poster and seminar presentation will present an objective, analytical evaluation of the challenges faced by children from or relating to a chosen background. You need to consider what it is for them to be meaningfully included in an Early Years Setting.

You will choose a subject area from the following list or if you wish to focus on a different area please agree this first with the module lead (Michelle Bugby);

1. Child in Poverty
2. Immigrant Child
3. Asylum Seeking Child
4. A child who has experience of the LGBT community through immediate family
5. A child who has been impacted because of Covid-19
6. A child who has been impacted on because of the Black Lives Matter movement

Design and produce an Academic poster on PowerPoint documenting an analysis and evaluation of challenges of meaningful inclusion in a setting of children from a chosen background. This will form part of your Seminar presentation.

A.You will present an objective, analytical evaluation of the challenges faced by children from the chosen background to be meaningfully included in a setting. Consideration of the knowledge, skills and resources needed to support and promote inclusive practice related to responding to a diverse society.

EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1 – UK.

EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1

B.You will critically discuss and evaluate social construction of childhood, relevant legislation and policy relating to the education, health and social care of young children in the UK. Specific texts will need to be used in relation to inclusion and diversity, including reference to relevant national legislation and policy, with a specific focus on England. You will need to consider the impact of wider sociocultural factors.

C.Recognition should be made of the importance of individual and personal experiences and awareness of the perspectives of others in promoting inclusive practice in a diverse society. Child’s rights should be drawn upon. Professional issues related to the support of children and families from diverse backgrounds and perspectives will be studied and analysed.

D.Contemporary issues such as the role of the media, discrimination and prejudice and political considerations and tensions should be discussed and analysed.

E.You will need to ensure your points link the potential features and actions of settings with supporting literature and are not merely personal, unsupported opinion.

F.There should be evidence that you have critically and objectively analysed relevant literature.

G.Each Academic poster must have an Introduction, Discussion and a Conclusion. The Academic poster should be well planned, with clear organisation. The main themes need to be identified and discussed in turn before conclusions are drawn.

H.You must include a full reference list on the academic poster using the University of Northampton Harvard style as recommended in the Study Guide. Further citations can be included in your presentation.

I.The seminar presentation will focus upon arguments or issues relating to the meaningful inclusive education, health and social care practice referred to in the poster.

J.The seminar will be presented within groups and each student will be required to participate in the seminar. Each person will be allocated 10 minutes to present a synopsis (summary) of the main points covered in their own poster. The presentations will be peer reviewed and students need to be prepared to field questions from their colleagues on their chosen subject.

Turnitin: A copy of the Academic poster should be submitted through Turnitin on the 11th January 2022, alongside the seminar notes. The seminar notes can be written in bullet points or as a script but must be referenced correctly using the Northampton Harvard style.

Additional guidance will be given during taught sessions and on Nile.

On successful completion of the module students, with guidance will be able to:
Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application

a) Discuss the concept of childhood in the 21st century through various perspectives on a contemporary issue.

1.b) Explain key aspects of legislation and policy and how these affect services for children, families and communities.

2.c) Analyse the issues related to the meaningful inclusion of all children.

3.d) Identify and explain the inclusion of diverse families and communities in professional practice in the Early Childhood Education and Care.

EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1 – UK.

EYS2118 PS1 Seminar Poster Presentation Assignment 1

4.Employ ability & Change maker Skills

5.e) Reflect constructively on own values, decisions, experience and learning and demonstrate awareness of relevant social, ethical and moral issues.

5.f) Accurately, clearly and appropriately communicate information / attitudes / ideas using appropriate written, verbal, visual or other digital formats appropriate for the purpose, topic and context and delivered in such a way as to demonstrate understanding to an academic audience for a suggested purpose.

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