FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

This section introduces both the subject of the report- that is the project you are doing and writing about in this report- and the structure of the remainder of the report.
Staff will look for:
Clarity with which the subject is introduced Does this correspond with what was agreed?How well you have introduced the structure in section 1.4
FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment

1.1 Aims and Objectives
The main aim of this project is to analyse the Comparison of EIGRP and OSPF based on their convergence rate over various network Parameters:

  1. To analyse several scenarios, link failures of EIGRP and OSPF on different network.
  2. To identify changes in the network topology while using EIGRP and OSPF.
  3. To investigate the difference in convergence time Parameters such as
    Failure Detection, Event propagation, Routing process and FIB updates in
    relation to suitable network topology.
  4. To measure their end to end delay by network simulation software.
  5. To evaluate EIGRP and OSPF for real time applications such as voice,
    video based on their convergence rate.
  6. To investigate their Convergence time, Packet loss, and administrative cost.

1.2 Project Deliverables
Subheadings as above. Simply list the deliverables of your project, i.e. what did you intend to produce when you started this project. This may include, circuit diagrams, hardware prototypes, simulation results and of course this report.

1.3 Project Plan
Give a detailed project plan here. You probably have this in your Project Proposal. You simply list ALL the tasks that needs to be done as part of your project and organise them is date order. Gantt charts are neat way of organising the tasks and show how various tasks depend on each other. For example, there is no point designing a PCB artwork before designing the circuit and this can not be done unless you have a proper specification. Make sure ALL the tasks you need to carry out as part of the project is listed in order to produce a detailed Gantt chart.

1.4 Risk Analysis
What were the main risks associated with the completion of your project? You can simply create a table stating the risks, probability of those risks and what you have done to minimise those risks and ensure the success of your project.

1.5 Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues
What are the social implications of the project you are carrying out? What are the legal stipulations/implications for your project? These may range from Copyright and Patent infringements to Ro HS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling). Ethical and professional issues are equally important
and must be considered as part of any project you carry out.

1.6 Report Structure
Simply outline how your report is structured. This is a brief summary of each section of your report. You simply inform the reader what he can expect to find out in each section; about a paragraph of description for each section.

2.Literature Review
This section can be based on that submitted for the interim report (with appropriate amendments as recommended by your supervisor and second marker).[1] Staff will look for:

How efficiently you have presented the information, using references rather than writing out lots of text. Quality of the literature review you carried out and references you have cited. [2]
Completeness of coverage Level of understanding displayed
Level of consideration of any wider contextual issue

FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment

3.Technical Background
In some cases it may be possible to combine section “2. Literature Review” and “3. Technical Background” and call it “Literature Review and Background”. This will of course depends on the nature of the report and amount of information that needs to be presented to the user.[3]

Use this section to give some of the theory or technical concepts or sub-circuits which are combined to produce your solution. This section can also include extracts from your interim report (with appropriate amendments as recommended by your supervisor).

Once again staff will look for:
How efficiently you have presented the information, quality of background work presented, completeness of coverage and level of understanding displayed.

You can also call this section Method or Methodology depending on your project.The title of this and subsequent sections can be changed if you wish, to something more appropriate. This section should focus on the work done to move from the initial outline specification to something which can be implemented. Staff will look for:

Logical flow to work presented Structured approach to determining the requirements of the system/ program/ methodology being produced Clear presentation of the steps from the original specification to the final implementation

1.To Determine the convergence time of EIGRP and OSPF routing protocol Star and Mesh topology will be implemented by using network simulation software.
2.Please complete this

4.1 ….Further subsections can be added as necessary.

4.2 ….

5.Project Management and Progress
Discuss how you managed the progress of your project. Start with your original project plan. Did you manage to follow your Gantt chart in the first semester? How accurate was your initial plan? Did you feel the need to make any changes to your original plan?

5.1 Progress to Date
Give a critical appraisal of the work done and the results achieved to date. How much of the original tasks you manage to complete? What were the main obstacles to your project and how did you overcome these problems?

5.2 Future Work
Consider all the work that you still need to do in order to complete your project successfully. Make sure you have allocated sufficient time for component procurement, building any prototypes or design and develop software. Do not forget to allocate sufficient time for testing and debugging. Most probably your original Gantt chart needs to be modified, if so,
present your final version here and describe the steps you are taking to ensure that your project is completed successfully.

Conclusions of your project work, your achievements, limitations.In this section you should review your overall achievements. You should review anything which didn’t work and anything you set out to achieve but didn’t; highlighting the reasons for that. Finally, you should consider what, if anything, you would do differently if you were to start the project again.

Staff will look for:
Quality of comments and review Validity of any comments made

Cited references only in this section. Use either Harvard or IEEE referencing and be consistent.
[1]  A. Rezi and M. Allam, “Techniques in array processing by means of
transformations, ” in Control and Dynamic Systems, Vol. 69,  Multidemsional Systems, C. T. Leondes, Ed. San Diego: Academic Press, 1995, pp. 133-180.

[2]  G. O. Young, “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics,” in Plastics, 2nd ed., vol.
3, J. Peters, Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 15-64.

[3]  S. M. Hemmington, Soft Science. Saskatoon: Univ. of Saskatchewan Press, 1997.

[4]  N. Osifchin and G. Vau, “Power considerations for the modernization of
telecommunications in Central and Eastern European and former Soviet Union (CEE/FSU) countries,” in Second Int. Telecommunications Energy Special Conf., 1997, pp. 9-16

This is an optional section and can be omitted. It uses the same style as references but lists other sources NOT cited in the text.

FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment-London Metropolitan University UK.

FC6P01 Project Interim Report Assignment

Appendix A
This is an optional section and can be omitted.
If you have developed software as part of your project then it can be listed here. Important sections of your source code can be extracted and explained under the “Implementation” chapter; Appendix is usually used to give the full software listing.

Appendix B
This is an optional section and can be omitted.Other useful information can be given here; such as extracts from important data sheets,
circuit diagrams, etc.

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