Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

Unit Title :- Foundations of Managing And Organising
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment weighting :-  Summative 60% of module marks
Assessment brief :- You are required to produce an individual essay with a maximum of 2500 words which addresses the following brief:
Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment

Provide an essay which focuses on ONE of the following aspects of managing and organising at Amazon:
• Motivation
• Leadership, power and politics
• Knowledge and learning
• Corporate social responsibility

Within your answer you should cover the following:

– Describe theories from the module which are relevant to the aspect of managing and organising that you have chosen and to Amazon

Explain how the area of managing and organising that you have chosen is done at Amazon. In doing so you should apply the theories that you have described to how they put these theories into practice at Amazon.

Describe and explain an example of an organisation which takes a contrasting approach to Amazon again applying relevant theories.

Analyse and evaluate the contrasting approaches taken by the two organisations to your chosen area of managing and organising.

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

There are a number of areas where you can find guidance for this essay:
 You will choose one of the topic areas from module weeks 8-11. We recommend that
you look back over the video materials and seminar activities for the topic area which
you choose. Also look at the relevant chapters in your module text book.

 Make good use of the ‘Individual essay assessment section on NOW. This will contain some general background material on Amazon which will be useful for your work.

 In the on-demand material, there will be a presentation which relates the Amazon case study to each of the topic areas and will also highlight some key readings. So for example if you choose motivation as your topic area, there will be on-demand materials which relate motivation to Amazon in the on-demand materials for week 8 the week when we cover motivation. Bear in mind that you will not be able to cover everything that was taught in your topic nor will you be able to cover every aspect of Amazon so this material will help you with some ideas of how to focus your essay.

 We will also address how the topic area relates to Amazon when you do your seminars related to that topic.

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

 We recommend that your initial reading for the Amazon case study should be the following article from the New York Times: Kantor J and Streitfeld D. (2015) Inside Amazon: Wrestling big ideas in a bruising workplace. New York Times August 15. The article is linked from the Individual assessment section in the NOW learning room. The article covers areas relevant to all 4 of the topic areas.

 Week 12 lecture and on-line materials will focus specifically on essay writing skills which are relevant to this assessment.

Your reading for this essay should come from the following sources:
 Course textbook
 Suggested background readings and resources about Amazon
 Suggested readings for your topic area
 Your own independent reading

The individual essay assessment section will go into more detail about general back ground readings for Amazon and also look at the readings relevant to your chosen topic area.

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment

Guide to word count
The 2,500 word limit is a maximum. You should count from the first word of your introduction to the final word of your conclusion for your word count.

The cover sheet the title of your essay the reference list and the appendix will not count towards your word-limit how ever references and quotes with in the main body of the essay do count.

The purpose of the word count is to :
support your writing development by encouraging a focus on clarity and conciseness provide experience of writing to a specified word limit and which is common practice in professional and research environments support equity in grading work from different individuals.

Foundations of Managing And Organising Assignment – UK

You are required to include the word count as an accurate statement of the words
used on the NBS Course work Front Cover for all your coursework. If you are found to have exceeded the word count in order to gain an un fair advantage then your tutor can adjust your grade downwards depending on the amount of additional work submitted.

 If the additional work is up to 500 words, the overall grade for the piece of work will
be reduced by 1 grade point (e.g. 2.1-Mid to 2.1-Low);
 If the additional work exceeds 500 words, the overall grade for the piece of work will
be reduced by 3 grade points (e.g. 2.1-Mid to 2.2-Mid).
 These penalties will be applied even if the reduced grade is below a pass grade.

You are advised to submit work that is as close to the maximum word count as is practical to enable you to demonstrate that you have met all the learning outcomes.

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