FTI7001 Global Food Safety Assignment 2 – UK

Module Code & Title :-  FTI7001 Global Food Safety
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 2
This module is assessed via two assessments which should be completed at specific steps of the learning process.
FTI7001 Global Food Safety Assignment 2 – UK
FTI7001 Global Food Safety Assignment


Each patchwork assessment must contain the following:
1. Title
2. Student name or student number
3. Material ensure word count is followed +/-10%, e.g., 2500 words = 2500 words +/-10% only)
4. Harvard references and correct citations must ensure Harvard referencing system
is followed.
5. Appendix (if used – this does not count towards word count)

Please Note :-
When submitting assignments do not copy others work. You are studying at the MSc level and you will be capped at 50% for this. If the amount of work copied is deemed to be un acceptably high your assignment will be sent to the Plagiarism Board which may result in a substantial fine and resubmission of your work which again will also be capped.

Please read the plagiarism policy found with in Moodle module for further information.

When completing any assignment essay at the MSc level there are several points that must be followed if you want to achieve high marks.

1. Harvard referencing/citations correctly used throughout the assignment with the heading &quot Referencing & quot at end of the assignment.
2. Word count adhered to +/-10%
3. Grammar and spelling to post-graduate level
4. Background research evident throughout
5. Personal input evident
6. Presentation use of English

FTI7001 Global Food Safety Assignment 2 – UK

Please ensure you write to an academically recognised standard.
It is often useful to read a range of research papers in journals such as Elsevier Food Control British Food Journal or Wiley Journal of Food Safety.

For assignments one and two please use your home country as the basis for compliance with any legislation regulations used referred to. State what country you are referring to at the beginning of each assignment.

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