HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment – Birmingham City University UK.

Subject Code & Title : HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society
Assessment Type : Assignment
Assessment Brief:
Please read this assessment brief carefully and ask your Module Leader (Paula Smith) about anything you don’t understand. You can ask questions during sessions; at the Module/Assessment Launch; using the forum on Moodle; or by emailing the Module Leader:
HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment – Birmingham City University UK.

HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment

Module Learning Outcomes

There are two items of assessment for this module:
Group Presentation: Copy of Group Presentation and Record of Group Working (75% of module mark) to be uploaded to Moodle before midday on Thursday th September 2020.

Students will work in groups of 3.  Each student will contribute 5 minutes to the overall 15 minute presentation to ensure that they meet learning outcomes 1- 3.

Written piece (25% of module mark) to be submitted via Moodle before midday on Monday st September 2020.

600 word written piece demonstrating achievement of learning outcome 4.

Group presentation

The group presentation will focus on learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3 (see above).

You are required to prepare a Power point presentation and to add audio to each power point slide. The total audio should be 15 minutes long (based on a group of three students with each student contributing 5 minutes to the presentation).

For technical support (e.g. on how to have a central presentation you can all work on; how to add audio to power point; remote working) see the information below and email Jag Jag’s role is to provide IT support to students.

How the groups will be selected

You will work in groups of 3. You will be given an opportunity to choose your own group. You must confirm your group by email to your module leader before 22 nd June 2020. If you have not chosen a group by that time, your Module Leader will allocate students to groups.

Group working and group mark
You should nominate a group leader who will be responsible for uploading your link to the file on your BCU one drive containing your group presentation and your “record of group working” to Moodle before midday on Thursday 10 September 2020. These should both be copied and pasted into the assessment feedback and cover sheet (in the submission section of moodle).

Late submissions will be subject to penalties and non-submissions will count as a fail.

Your presentation will be awarded a group mark based on how far the presentation as a whole meets the marking criteria. However, the group mark may be adjusted for individuals to reflect levels of engagement in the group task.

The level of engagement will be assessed by the Module Tutors based on a “record of group working”. This should briefly list all virtual group meetings; who was present/absent; what tasks were allocated to individual members; and progress on these.

This means that you need to make sure you are available at any sessions when you are working on the group presentation; for tutorials; and you must attend for the whole session at which you are presenting. If you are not able to do this, you, as an individual, are likely to lose marks.

HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment – Birmingham City University UK.

HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment

What should be included in the presentation

The following should be considered as part of the presentation:

As a group, choose one of the following models or frameworks covered in the Module:
1.Social Model of Health
2.Ottawa Charter Model of Health Promotion
3.Dahlgren and Whitehead
4.Societal Change (in Ewles and Simnett)
5.Legislative Action/Policy Change (in Beattie)
6.Marmot Framework

  • Your presentation should be referenced appropriately throughout and you should also include a references list at the end of the presentation.
  • Briefly outline your chosen model/framework using academic references.
  • Identify factors that would be considered within this model and which effect the health and well-being of individuals, communities and populations using supporting evidence.
  • Use the model to present and explain health inequalities, drawing upon appropriate evidence.
  • Demonstrate collaboration and team work. There are several elements of this that we will be assessing, the work that individual students have put in prior to delivery of the presentation, to jointly prepare the presentation. You must keep a record of your group  working to produce the completed presentation.  This should include dates and nature of meetings (e.g. face-to- face or whats app); who attended and who was missing; what was agreed. Students who do not engage sufficiently with the preparation process (including attending tutorials) will lose marks.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas clearly in the spoken form -an integral part of the role of individuals working within the health related professions – using visual aids (images, diagrams, tables, video clips) to enhance this. This will also include adequate rehearsal time and time management.

Tips for success

  • Start meeting early and regularly
  • Agree who will act as group leader
  • Get email addresses for each other and set up whats app or other forums for communicating
  • Work together to decide which model/framework you will focus on
  • Discuss your styles of working and agree strategies for managing difference (e.g. prefer virtual/face-to-face working; like to plan ahead/like to leave things to the last minute)
  • Be reasonable (e.g. on meeting dates and times)
  • Talk about expectations (e.g. that you will be present at lectures so that you can easily meet face-to-face)
  • Read widely using appropriate academic literature (module online reading list; moodle materials; summon resources)
  • Identify and use different people’s strengths within the group (e.g. design skills for presentation; organisation etc)
  • Support each other – make time to rehearse and be there for each other to cope with nerves
  • Try to resolve difficulties by talking to each other but also copy your Module Leader into any emails if you have concerns or if someone isn’t responding
  • Enjoy the presentation – this is a chance for you to be creative and show off your skills

600 word written piece
Please read this carefully and ask questions about anything that you don’t understand.

A 600 word written piece demonstrating how professionals can impact on the health and well-being of society.

Use academic literature (from the reading list and beyond; moodle materials; materials from Summon; materials from your profession’s websites)

Introduction: your introduction should identify the professional group that your written piece will consider and say why you are focusing on this group. For example students are expected to choose a professional group which reflects their future professional aspirations (e.g. if you are intending to move onto midwifery after the foundation year, you should state this and should write about midwifery).

Main body:
  • Identify the kinds of factors affecting health that your chosen professional group will focus on (make sure you back this up with evidence e.g. a reference).
  • Discuss the opportunities and constraints for your chosen professional group in promoting health and well-being in society and tackling health inequalities either as a group or in collaboration with other groups.

Conclusion: conclude your essay identifying the contribution your professional group will make to health and well-being in society.

HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment – Birmingham City University UK.

HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment

Tips for success

  • Use module content to discuss the role of your profession. For example consider how far your profession promotes health compared to treating disease. Consider the scope for your profession to reduce health inequalities. Or the scope to act on wider determinants of health (e.g. environment; housing; income and employment)
  • Use evidence to back up points made (don’t make assumptions or write what you’d like to be the case)
  • Look for case studies or examples to help you consider how your professional group might collaborate with other groups.
  • Start working on this early.
  • Make sure your conclusion is based on the discussion in the main part of your work.
  • Take up tutorial support. Talk through ideas with your Module Tutor.

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