HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment – UK

Module Code :- HR3047
Module Title :- HRM in Global Context
Assignment 1:- Poster
The first assessment is an academic poster A1 size c.2,000 words. It is weighted at 25% of the over all mark for the module.
HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment – UK

HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment

Please choose ONE topic from the following list and create a poster on that topic :-
 How does globalisation influence HRM procurement practice? Identify what choices global organisations have in attracting and selecting their human resource in a global context.

Please refer to any MNOs of your choice to illustrate this practice.
From this review identify three good practice recommendations that could support an effective HRM procurement strategy for any global company.

 What are the global challenges for corporate social responsibility (CSR)? How does the host country influence how a multinational organisation operates legally and morally in its country? Select any country of your choice to compare with the UK and analyse the frameworks that influence how that organisation operates. What are the key issues that a company looking to internationalize its business will have to consider in guaranteeing its legitimacy globally?

 How does national culture influence HRM practices?
Compare and contrast the impact of national cultural differences on three core HRM practices operating in any two countries or regions of your choice. Provide three recommendations that would help an HRM Manager in transferring their practices globally.

HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment – UK

 How do multi national organisations (MNOs) utilize managers for their international subsidiaries?
Identify and evaluate how MNOs could select and prepare their international managers for a global assignment.

You are encouraged to refer to any specific multi national organisation of your choice in supporting this evaluation. Provide a short summary of recommended good practice that any global organisation could use to ensure successful outcomes in their selection and utilization of their international managers.

This assessment is designed to particularly test the following learning outcomes on the module:

1. Analyse the impact of cultural and institutional influences in shaping human resource management in a global context
2. Evaluate how organizations manage their employees and managers in a global context
3. Apply theory and practice critically and selectively to address international human resource management issues
4. Develop technical and specialist knowledge skills that will facilitate the use of the oretical knowledge in an applied setting

HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment – UK

HR3047 HRM In Global Context Assignment

I will mark your poster using the following assessment criteria – please use these as a checklist to guide you in creating your poster. We need to see that you have:

 Researched and applied appropriate material to support your analysis;
 Demonstrated an understanding of appropriate International Human
Resource Management (IHRM) theories models and/or practices to support your explanation;
 Developed reasoned points/recommendations from your thinking;
 Communicated clearly and effectively in the visual poster.

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