IMAT3424 Systems Building Management – De Montfort University Leicester UK.

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IMAT3424 Systems Building Management
Systems Building Management

The learning outcomes of IMAT3424 Systems Building Management that are assessed by this coursework are:

1.Practice developing a comprehensive plan for Information Systems Development projects(including time, cost, and risk plan)
2.Discuss potential strategies and techniques in managing quality, human resources, and procurement in an Information Systems Development project

Tasks to be undertakenRead the attached case study titled Banner ERP. Note that you are required to make appropriate assumptions when exact information is not provided. You are required to perform the following tasks based on this case study:

1.Develop a project plan for the case project. Your plan should include:
a. A list of at least 15 activities and an estimated duration for each
b. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
c. The relationship between activities
d. Critical path and the total duration of the project

e. The network of activities

In order to develop the project plan, you can choose any software package (Microsoft Project, ProjectLibre, Excel, etc.) or technique (Gantt Chart, ADM, PDM, etc.)

  1. Develop a table to estimate the cost of conducting the project
  2. Use one of the techniques you learned in this unit (NPV, ROI, etc.) to evaluate and justify the
    financial feasibility of the project.
  3. Identify and evaluate at least eight (8) potential risks in the case project using a risk register table.
  4. Also, recommend strategies to mitigate each risk.
  5. Develop a brief “Quality Assurance Plan” for the project. This should include
    a. Criteria to evaluate the quality
    b. Staff in charge of quality assurance
    c. A list of control techniques
  6. Develop a brief “Human Resource Management Plan” for the project. This should include
    a. Project Organisation Chart
    b. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    c. Some recommendations for team development
  7. Compare at least two “Development Options” (e.g. In-house development and Outsourcing) for the case project and recommend the one that you think is the most suitable option.

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