Law Controversy And Society Assignment – UK

Unit Title :- Law Controversy And Society
Assessment Type :-  Assignment portfolio
Assignment simplified.
IMPORTANT!!!! This is only a simplified assignment brief must not be used on its own as critical information might be missing, please ALWAYS!! Address the actual brief given by the tutor when reading this in case there is some thing missing. Also under the assignment brief same folder we have a document with the assignment topics at the bottom we have the assignment template which can be used to do your work but you only use it as a model so blank word document must be used to do your work.
Law Controversy And Society Assignment – UK

Law Controversy And Society Assignment

 Weight: 60% of final mark
 Assignment type: portfolio
 2000 words
 At least 6 academic sources
 Caselaw cited correctly ( will get few examples in class, DO NOT USE cite the to reference cases)
 Only UK BASED cases and articles
 Analyse
 Reference is not included in the word count, please make sure you include it ��
 Choose one topic from the following:

Students will be asked to select ONLY ONE of these social issues.

 Domestic abuse and the law

 Children with Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND) and access to education

 Health inequalities- vulnerable groups access to health services choose one vulnerable group only for example women older people and talk about the health inequalities they face for example LGBTQ Asylum seekers. The legislation and case law should be linked to that one group.

 Racial discrimination Choose one group and the discrimination that they face in specific areas. The case law and legislation should be linked to the same group and the area discrimination identified).

 Do research and explanatory analysis of the issue as it relates to the law and practice.
 Identify two current legislations that relates to the issue and one caselaw from the


1. Introduction
Introduce the issue from academic literature only definitions explanations back
ground of that subjects

Must explain and define the topic.

Must use at least Three academic journals (journal articles)

No personal opinion

2. Main body (analysis of social opinion)

Media representation of the issue (find articles that explain the issue, examples: BBC news may have written an article about a case law you want to discuss in your portfolio)

Law Controversy And Society Assignment – UK

Explain: – how is the issue presented to the public and society

-the article used must be referenced at the end, no need to tell the story of the article

– how can the media influence the law?
-we can use more than one media article about same subject and compare
– what is the law saying?
-how did impact on society?

Law Controversy And Society Assignment – UK

3.Legislation and case law
Find two pieces of UK Legislation related to your topic and debate explain the relation
Find one case using the login through institution no need to make account.

Bring all together

summarize your portfolio what was said about the social issue and how was it
represented by social media?

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