LAW021-3 Conveyancing Assessment 1 Case Study – Bedfordshire University UK.

Module Code & Title :-  LAW021-3 Conveyancing
Assessment 1
Course Work – case Study
3000 words
2. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
I.Define and discuss the legal rights which might exist in relation to land and the creation and  transfer of these rights.
3.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
I. Work independently to investigate explain and analyse a particular area of land law.
LAW021-3 Conveyancing Assessment 1 Case Study – Bedfordshire University UK

LAW021-3 Conveyancing Assessment 1 Case Study

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Please carefully read the scenario below:
You are required to advise a junior solicitor at your firm who is acting in the sale of Badger House for Sarah Ward. Sarah and Jeremy agreed to purchase the property jointly and it was agreed that they would be beneficial tenants in common in equal shares.

Unfortunately Jeremy passed away in 2019. Sarah was appointed as his sole executrix. Jeremy left his beneficial share in the property to their two sons in his will. Both sons have now grown up and left home. Sarah had continued to live in Badger House but has now decided that it is no longer suitable for her alone and she has agreed to sell Badger House for the price of £500,000. She has no related purchase, as she will be moving in to live with one of her sons. There is no mortgage on the property as it had been repaid in full by 2017. Sarah would like to complete the sale quickly as although she has no related purchase, she would like to move in with her son soon.

The junior solicitor has asked for your advice on the following:

1.Explain why identity evidence is required and what forms of evidence are acceptable.
2.Explain the purpose and contents of a client care letter.
3.Explain what documents need to be included in the pre-contract package to be sent to the buyer’s solicitors, and to explain the purpose of these documents.
4.Another solicitor has advised the junior that a second trustee needs to be appointed in order to complete the sale explain why.
5.In relation to the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1994 what are the implied covenants for title which will be given by the client if she sells with a full title guarantee.
6.Explain how on exchange of contracts the junior should deal with the deposit paid by the buyer and why it should be dealt with in that way.

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