LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment – UK

Module Code and Title :- LBM720 – The Luxury Service Experience
Assignment Number &Title :- Assessment 1 – Individual Assignment
Assessment Type :-  Research article
Weighting of assessment :-  100% of TMM
Assessment Learning Outcomes :- A2, B2, B3, B7
LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment – UK

LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment

Completing Your Assignment
What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will choose a topic and a medium research it using secondary data and primary data if you are doing empirical research and write an article about the research you have carried out. This assignment provides you with three options:

Option 1: a journal article resulting from an empirical study

Option 2: a conceptual paper (see this article here for detailed info about conceptual papers.

Option 3: a discussion paper for a semi-academic publication such as the Harvard Business Review the European Business Review,, Business Insider etc. To view full articles on some of these you may have to access them via RUL Discovery.

Select the type of study paper you wish to write and the publication (media) you wish to write to carefully as each has its own characteristics and requirements. For example, empirical studies must collect and analyse primary data whereas conceptual or discussion papers do not require primary data. Read some of the papers published by your chosen media before deciding. This will help you under stand the style language layout etc. of the chosen media.

You must follow the guidelines provided in this document but if you intend to get your paper published in future it helps to look at contributors’ guide of the journal or media you wish to publish your paper in. Please not that for this assignment, your work should be between 3,000 and 4,000 words long and use the Harvard referencing system throughout including a references list at the end. You can then tailor the article to comply with the guidelines of the publication later.

Online publications and some journal also use in-text hyperlinks and this is a good idea since the work will be accessed and read online mostly. Please note these are just guidelines. You will follow the recommended structure in this brief how ever minor changes and stylistic ideas are acceptable. You can use the publication guidelines journal mostly but for reference only.

The type of study you will carry out and the type of paper that will result of it go hand in hand. The same principle applies to research questions. The research you need to conduct will depend on the type of study you have in mind. For example a topic that is good for a discussion paper would probably need to be adapted if it was to be used as an empirical research question. You may also consider an applied study for the empirical paper. The only difference is that it chooses a business or industry to focus on and tries to solve a problem or suggest improvements to that business or industry. This is particularly useful in business management courses at it tries to bridge the gap between academic and industry.

What is the required organisation and layout of the paper?
You are free to choose the topic medium and type of paper providing that paper is academic or semi-academic and follows the academic rigor in terms of writing style and referencing even though you may need to make small adjustments based on on your target reader. For example the readership of a very complex empirical research or conceptual paper published in a journal is likely to be different from that of a blog or business review. The main difference from the three options is a stylistic one. A discussion paper, although not as rigorous in terms of the methodology used or its inclusion in the article, must be factually rich in support of the assertions being made. Its most important element is how the topic is developed to be thought-provoking be very well written and give the reader food-for-though. It must also show the author’s wide research and command of the topic.
Options 1 and 2 must also include an abstract and keywords. The writing style content textual flow organization and layout of each paper will vary depending on the publication; however each paper must contain the essential elements below:

Empirical research paper

 Introduction
 Materials and methods
 Results and discussion
 Implications (for theory and practice)

Conceptual paper

 Introduction
 Extensive discussion of the literature
 Proposition and development of content
 Implications (mostly for theory but can also relate to practice)

Discussion paper

 Introduction to topic including demonstration of literature knowledge and practical examples
 Development of argument (usually in the form of an argumentative essay
 Discussion and further examples
 Implications (usually for practice)

Independent Learning and research skills:
This is an assessment that requires independent learning. This means you are expected to research autonomously and with peers to make decisions e.g. it is up to you to research available theories and apply them appropriately. Prior to submitting your work please ensure that you have covered the objectives and requirements of this assessment.
As a research paper the assignment will require research skills ad equate research methods and analysis and follow ethical procedures including an ethics form to be approved by the University’s ethics committee. The form is available to you in the module area on black board. Please fill it out and send it to the module tutor before any data collection takes place. This is only applicable to studies using human participants and collecting primary data. If in doubt, discuss this with your tutor.

Is there a size limit?
The word count is the limit set by the journal. For practicality reasons, you should aim for a paper between 3,000 and 4,000 words but these may vary depending on the journal chosen. You must not exceed 4,500 excluding appendices tables figures and charts. Choose a journal or publication that will accept papers within that word count.

What do I need to do to pass?
Thre shold criteria i.e., achievement of the learning outcome at the pass/fail boundary

Empirical study paper

Introduction :-
This section outlines a clearly articulated research intro to the topic being investigated what scholars have written on topic key relevant debates concepts and theories. It can also provide evidence of practice-based insights and what gaps the study aims to fill from a theoretical perspective but which may also have practical application.

Materials and methods :-
This section presents decisions related to research methods data collection techniques sampling size and sampling techniques data analysis approach ethical considerations reliability and validity. It provides only some clear description of the methods to be used to conduct the investigation. It also provides only some justification as to why the selected research methods are the most appropriate for responding to the research question.

This section provides the reader with the results of the analysis carried out including advanced descriptive statistics for quantitative data and sample extracts from qualitative data following the tradition of the method(s) employed and the academic

Implications and Discussion :-
This section discusses the implications of the findings, or the arguments provided to theory practice or both as applicable. In this section the author may provide one or two personal view points in relation to the findings as well as re commendations for future research or practical use of the findings.

LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment – UK

LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment

Conceptual paper
In addition to the introduction and implications sections (see above) it should contain:
Extensive discussion of literature
This section will provide a more robust review of the literature than in an empirical research paper which will form propositions such as un tested relationships new insights are a result of recent developments or changes as well as the author’s view of how constructs are related. These form the basis of the argument that is put forward for consideration and debate.

Proposition and development of content
In this section the author may start building theory by offering propositions for previously
untested relationships. In this section figures models frame works are likely to be used to
illustrate visually the such relationships and provide possible ways forward for future studies.

The word count and organization of the conceptual paper may vary depending on how the author chose to structure the text. The above structure is recommended so that the work can be marked against a set criterion.

Discussion paper
In addition to the introduction and implications sections see above it should contain:

Development of argument
In this section the author provides the basis of his or her arguments data and examples to
support the proposition given in the introduction in a way that will enable the reader to see not only where he or she is going with the text but whether the arguments are sensible and conveyed in an intelligence and articulate manner. This section usually takes the form or an argumentative essay with pros and cons, positive and negative aspects, supported by sound and wide research.

Discussion and further examples
In this section the author may develop a model or framework see this example and provide
additional examples and reasons to convince the reader of an argument or the call the reader to try and apply the concepts being discussed in practice or to investigate the issue further in his own time as a way of personal development or professional development.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a 70% or above grade?
The article is the of publishable quality. It gives clear evidence of research that is well explained and supported by the existing literature. The article is well-researched and a variety of high-end sources are provided. It makes use of focal and background theories and draws those from the luxury brand management field. The article is very well written and Its findings make a clear contribution to the body of knowledge and practice for empirical research.

There is clear evidence of critical thinking, research skills adaptability and application of concepts to the field of luxury brands management. The work makes use of other disciplines and applies the concepts to the field to the development or maintenance of luxury experiences within a given business area.

LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment – UK

LBM720 The Luxury Service Experience Assignment

The appropriate method of data collection and analysis was adopted and rigorousl applied making the study reliable and valid. Ethical considerations were made during the preparation process and data collection administered successfully.

For conceptual papers the literature is robust and comprehensive the proposition being offered is very well supported and is convincing or hard to contest. The theory frame work or relationship being put forward is clear well articulated and relationships when they exist are very clearly depicted.

How does assignment relate to what we are doing in the scheduled sessions?
The scheduled sessions are designed to support the assessment in a systematic manner. The topics have been chosen for their inherent presence and value in experience management. Regular feedback on individual progress from the tutors and peers is an integral part of learning and teaching strategy.

How will I receive formative feedback for this assignment?
You will get 3 opportunities for individual formative feedback on your work.

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