LLB020C103S Law of Contract 1 Assignment – UK

Module code: LLB020C103S
Module title: Law of Contract 1
FHEQ Level: 4
Type of assessment: In-Course Assessment
LLB020C103S Law of Contract 1 Assignment – UK

LLB020C103S Law of Contract 1 Assignment

Assessment Task
You are required to answer Question 1 and Question 2 :
Question 1
Antonio places the following advert in his local newspaper on Saturday 26th February 2022:


Gilera Motor Scooter, SMT 50, 50cc,
20,000 miles, Racing Red,
2015 Registration,
One careful owner

Excellent Condition – drives well – first to contact me will secure an absolute bargain!!

Contact: XXX 1245 000 000

Muhammad is very keen to buy a motor scooter to travel to university and leaves a message on Antonio’s voicemail on 27th February saying he would like to accept his offer and collect the bike on Monday 28th February at 6 pm. Antonio did not listen to the voice mail which Muhammad left on his mobile.

Atif has been looking for this type of scooter since Christmas and hand delivers a note to Antonio on 27th February asking if the motor scooter has been serviced in the last 12 months and if it has been serviced, then he will be happy to pay the full asking price and collect at 6 pm on 28th February. Unfortunately, the note is thrown away by Antonio’s son before he has read it.

Precious is also looking to buy a motor scooter and calls Antonio on 28th February to ask some questions regarding the motor scooter. Later that day, Precious texts Antonio to say that she will pay £950 for the motor scooter. If she hears nothing from him, she will collect the bike at 6 pm later that evening.

Susan has been looking to buy a motor scooter for her son and posts a letter on Saturday 26th February saying that she will pay £1,000 and collect at 6 pm on 28th February.

On 28th February at 6 pm Muhammad Atif Precious and Susan turn up at Antonio’s address to collect the motor scooter.

Advise XXX

Question 2

A promise to pay more is enforceable in certain circumstances, but a promise to accept less is not”.

Discuss how promissory estoppel may be able to mitigate the harshness of the common law in relation to part payment.


1.You are required to answer both questions and submit via the Moodle Turnitin submission box.

2.This assessment is worth 75% of your Contract 1 module mark.

3.Reference the sources you rely on using the OSCOLA referencing convention.

4.You will be marked down if you refer to non-legal or non-academic sources in your submission.

Examples of:
a. Appropriate sources include law textbooks available in the library and law journal articles from West law and Lexis Library; and
b. Inappropriate sources include social media websites.

5.Poor structure composition or grammar will affect the quality of submission and may even undermine the examiner’s ability to comprehend your analysis. Therefore you should proofread your assessment before you submit it for marking.

Format of your submission
• Include a title page with your submission. The title page must list the following:
• Module code
• Module title
• Module tutor
• Coursework title
• Number of pages submitted
• The word count.

Do not include your name or your student ID number

• Word limit: maximum 1500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography)
You may exceed this word limit by 10%, that is by an extra 150 words making a total of no more than 1650 words. If you exceed this upper limit, then your mark will be reduced by 5 percentage points.

Footnotes must only be used to provide citations for authorities and for referencing texts and articles. Text included in footnotes in breach of this restriction will be added to the overall word count for the purposes of determining whether the upper limit of 1650 words has been broken.

• Font: Arial, text size 12, line spacing 1.5
• Each page should be numbered.
• Referencing is required. You are required to use OSCOLA style citation for consistency.

Assessment criteria

Before you begin you should read the grading criteria that will be used to grade your assessment. The criteria may be downloaded from the Law Programme Moodle page. The relevant document is listed under the heading ‘Assessment & Feedback Information’.

You should also read the Law School guide to submission which can also be downloaded from the Law Programme Moodle page. It has been prepared in an end eavour to make marking more transparent. It may also help you organise your thoughts as you work and sense check the content of your paper before you submit it to be marked.

3.The relative weighting of available marks between the three criteria are:

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