Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay – UK

Unit Title :-  Manage Resources In Adult Care
Assignment Type :-  Essay
Scope of Task :-
The following areas are to be covered / discussed / referred to in your answers:
Managing resources and planning.
Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay – UK

Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay

Values :-

Core Skills
Information technology

British Values
The rule of law:
Mutual respect and tolerance

Public interest Disclosure 1998
CQC Regulations 2009
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Health and Social Care Act 2008
The Equality Act 2010

Task Questions :-
Please refer to the attached activity guide prior to starting this will ensure that you provide the right evidence to meet the unit requirements and prevent resubmission.

1) Evaluate the impact of national and local strategies on resource planning:
Financial resources.
Physical resources.
Human resources.

2) Review your current staffing levels, using your organisational tools.
Forecast your staffing requirements for the next year.
Discuss this at length.

3) Discuss the use of assets and resources from outside your organisation. Discuss the value and benefits of doing this. Give examples from your practice.

4) Discuss and evaluate the use of technology as a resource in adult care service deliver and management. Give examples of technology used.

5) Explain the meaning of sustainability in terms of resource management.

6) Discuss your own role and the role of others in resources management:
You should include accountability and responsibilities.

7) Discuss at length the factors known to improve recruitment and retention rates. Give examples from practice.

Assignment Guide :-

1. You should consider:
Value based recruitment.
Succession planning.
Aging population.
Increase in pension age.
Direct payments.
Cost of living and minimum wage.
Local Government restriction on environment (extensions to buildings).
Easy access to building.

2. Use your own organisational tool for this.
QCS policy PMN08
Look at current levels and deficits.

Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay – UK

3. Assets from outside could include:
Agency staff.
Recruitment agencies.
Job Centre.
Community Partnerships.
Fund Raising events.
Churches and other faith.
Families and friends.

4. Technology can include:
Social Media.
Mobile Phones.
Interactive TV.
Assistive Technology.
Handheld devices.

Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay – UK

Manage Resources In Adult Care Essay

5. Sustainability:
How long can the resource last?
Is it a constant over time?
Can it remain effective for the purpose it is being used?

6.Your own procedure should be discussed.
Discuss what your role is, wit reflection and examples.

7. Retention is improved by:
Good induction and supervision.
Open door.
Good communication.
Valued team.

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