MAR002-2 Marketing Planning Assignment – UK

Unit Title & Code :- MAR002-2 Marketing Planning
Assessment number and title :- Assignment 1
Assessment type :- (EX only) EX-OT
Weighting of exam :- 100%
Size or length of exam :- 2 hours
Unit learning outcomes :-
1. Appropriately select and apply popular concepts and models used to inform planning decisions in marketing
2. Formulate an integrated marketing plan in response to a predictable business situation
MAR002-2 Marketing Planning Assignment – UK

MAR002-2 Marketing Planning Assignment

How should I prepare for this exam?
You will apply the topics discussed using briefing notes that will be made available to you in Week 2. Time will allowed each week for you to work on your plan.
Construct your plan using the brief notes Remember that you are creating a marketing plan not a business plan. You will need to under stand the difference between these two plans.

What will I be required to do in this exam?
You will submit your exam using the WISEflow system. The Exams team will contact you directly with instructions.

Submit a marketing plan in response to the briefing notes provided. You will prepare your main plan throughout the semester (75%) but you will be given an additional task on the day that relates to the plan that you have written

The Exam time table can be found by using Exams Information for Students on your BREO welcome page or via MyBedsLife.

What do I need to do to pass this exam? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
 Using referenced found data, carry out a relevant contextual analysis
 Submit a marketing plan that demonstrates understanding of the marketing planning process

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
A high quality submission will demonstrate good understanding of the task contain a clearly identified target market and propose a marketing plan that clearly meets the needs of the market identified.

Students who have achieved good grades previously have taken advantage of the weekly opportunities to work on the plan ask questions of the tutor and provided a plan that is coherent throughout.

How does this examination relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
Every scheduled session from Week 2 focuses on an element of the plan.

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