MBA7000 People And Organisations Assignment – UK

Subject Code & Title :-  MBA7000 People And Organisations
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Weighting :-  30%
Task/assessment brief:
This assessment has two questions – you must answer both questions.
Question 1: Undertake a PESTLE analysis of the drivers for change at Disneyland Paris, during the period 2019 to 2021.
MBA7000 People And Organisations Assignment – UK

MBA7000 People And Organisations Assignment

I. Give an introduction which shows what type of company it is, how big it is the sector in which it operates its business classification and ownership.

II. Provide a detailed PESTLE table showing each element with a series of detailed bullet points identifying issues specifically relevant to Disneyland Paris and the business context in which it operates.

III. Select what you consider have been the two most important drivers for change in the period 2019 to 2021. Write approx. 250 words 125 on each driver explaining why you consider these to be significant. You should try to underpin your written discussion with reference to academic theory both about the PESTLE model and about its importance in under standing change.

IV. Total word count excluding PESTEL table 400. This answer is worth 35 marks. You should therefore be sure that you understand and can apply the PESTLE model.
Learning Outcome(s) satisfied: 2 3)

Question 2: Choose ONE of the following academic models for organisational change.
I. The ADKAR Model (Hiatt, 1996)
II. The McKinsey’s 7S process for change (Peters and Waterman, 1982)
III. Kotter’s 8-Step Model for Accelerating Change (2014).

You should not describe the model but can provide diagrams or images showing how it works. Any images or diagrams used must cite the original source of the image). You must include a range of academic opinions from other academic authors on the advantages dis advantage and appropriateness of each model in different types of circumstance including the implications for managers and HR staff whilst implementing change using this model.

MBA7000 People And Organisations Assignment – UK

MBA7000 People And Organisations Assignment

IV. You should write approximately 800 words. This answer is worth 65 marks and you should therefore conduct in-depth academic research into your chosen model using MetSearch or Google Scholar ONLY to show how the model has been applied in different types of organisations and to what degree of success. (Learning Outcome(s) satisfied: 1, 2 and 3)

Students are instructed to use only reliable academic sources found via MetSearch or Google Scholar, to support their answers.

Word count (or equivalent): 1200 +/- 10%
This a reflection of the effort required for the assessment Word counts will normally include any tables charts calculations subtitles and citations. Reference lists are excluded from the word count.

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