Mental Health And Society Referral Assignment – UK

Unit Title :- Mental Health And Society Referral
Length :- 2000 words
The referral task for the unit assignment will be to produce a 2,000 word report. It should be in a Non Scientific Report format using section headings using a clear font Arial 10,Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 12 and double spaced. The report format should be as follows:
Mental Health And Society Referral Assignment Assessment – UK

Mental Health And Society Referral Assignment

1.Title page you must provide your own title

2.Abstract or Executive Summary on a separate page

3.Table of contents which includes page numbers for the different sections/subsections and should be on a new page


5.Discussion of findings should consist of different headed sections/subsections subheading titles should also appear in your table of contents



8.Appendix/Appendices. If used appendices should be given titles and these titles should appear in the contents page. (Note you do not have to use appendices.

The task is as follows:

Choosing either Severe Mental Illness (e.g. Bipolar Disorder Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder OR Common Mental Illnesses (e.g. Anxiety Depression OCD and so on critically evaluate how service users are supported in their recovery and treatment processes by mental health services private providers and third sector support organisations.

(1) You can briefly discuss/define what Severe Mental Illness OR Common Mental Illness means but the report must focus on critically evaluating the support service users receive from mental health services as well as private organisations and the voluntary sector in relation to their recovery. As you are looking at support in their recovery, you need to think more broadly than just treatment for the illness clinical recovery you need to think about what other types of support a person with a mental illness might get e.g. back to work support assistance in training or education, social activities, and so on.

(2) You need to begin by demonstrating understanding of what recovery means in relation to mental illness and then discuss what support is provided by the statutory private and voluntary sectors to aid service users in their recovery.

(3) The assignment is not to discuss the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses or the impact of the mental illness(es) on service users nor do you discuss the causes of the illness or what different types of treatment involve.

(4) You are not to choose a specific age group or a gender, you are to choose either those with a Severe Mental Illness OR those with a Common Mental Illness but you can choose to look at children young people under 18 or working age adults adults 18-64 as the services and support provided will differ for children/adolescents and working age adults.

(5) In your critical evaluation of the support service users receive you are expected to draw on qualitative studies where service users speak about what they think about support they receive and what recovery means to them.

(6) You are to focus on the UK so data provided must relate to the UK.

(7) You are expected to use a minimum of 8 academic sources peer-reviewed journal articles/academic books to support your discussion.

(8) Remember good written communication is about structuring your work so that your discussion is clearly sign posted and developed and you guide the reader logically from one section/subsection to the next.

(9) No more than 5 –10% of the assignment should be in the form of quotations. This excludes any quotes from service users/qualitative findings.

(10) Proof read and edit your work before handing it in and/or ask a trusted person to read it through for you.

(11) Your work must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered. You must also include a word count. This is part of the assignment guidelines/task so you are expected to follow these instructions.

Mental Health And Society Referral Assignment – UK

Mental Health And Society Referral Assignment

(12) The portfolio must include a full Reference List of texts and sources cited in the main body.
All referencing and citations must follow the Harvard style. All sources should be referenced exactly as appear Please remember you only ever list primary sources sources you actually read) in your reference list – Please look up secondary referencing here for how to correctly use secondary referencing in the text when you have not read the original source To access the Citethemright pages you will need to login using your usual University login details.

(13) If you are unsure what recovery means in relation to mental illness please see the last slide on the lecture that looked at anti-psychiatry and service user movements. If you search DISCOVER for ‘recovery’ AND mental illness you will find many sources on the subject. You must use a range of sources for the assignment which must include academic sources such as peer-reviewed journals.

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