MKT7005 Strategic Global Marketing Assignment – UK

Unit Code & Title :-  MKT7005 Strategic Global Marketing
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Weighting :- 25
Task/assessment brief:
Task :- Students are required to work in a GROUP of 4 to create the presentation with in the context of a Chinese Toy Company wishing to expand internationally, the company is considering entry into the Russian market but has requested some initial advice from you.
MKT7005 Strategic Global Marketing Assignment – UK

MKT7005 Strategic Global Marketing Assignment

In order to give this advice you must:
 Undertake a Macro-environmental analysis (PESTLE or SLEPT) analysis for the Russian market (30%).
 Identifying the main issues and concepts of the Russian national culture that may influence their decision (30%).
 Critically evaluate the possible entry methods into the Russian market providing appropriate academic and contemporary definitions of entry strategies (30%)
 Presentation style (10%)

Any assessments submitted after the deadline will not be marked and will be recorded as a non attempt unless you have had an extension request agreed or have approved miti gating circumstances. See the School Moodle pages for more information on extensions and mitigating circumstances.

File Format:
The assessment must be submitted as a pdf document save the document as a pdf in your software and submit through the Turnitin submission point in Moodle.

MKT7005 Strategic Global Marketing Assignment – UK

Other skills/attributes developed
This includes elements of the Cardiff Met EDGE Ethical Digital Global and Entrepreneurial skills and other attributes developed in students through the completion of the module and assessment. These will also be highlighted in the module guidance, which should be read by all students completing the module. Assessments are not just a way of auditing student knowledge. They are a process which provides additional learning and development through the preparation for and completion of the assessment.

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