MOD006936 Strategy In The Public And Private Sectors Assignment – UK

Assessment Coursework :- Written Report
Assessment code :- 010
Trimester :- 3
Module Title:- Strategy in the Public & Private Sectors
Module Code:- MOD006936
Level :- 7
Weighting :- 100%
Word Limit :- 2,500 words – excluding bibliography and any other attachments such as appendices
MOD006936 Strategy In The Public And Private Sectors Assignment – UK

MOD006936 Strategy In The Public And Private Sectors Assignment

Assessed Learning Outcomes :-
LO1: Knowledge and Understanding:
Develop a critical awareness of key classical and contemporary theories in strategy and assess their application within non-globalised globalised private an/or public sector non- governmental and governmental multigovernmental organisations;

LO2: Knowledge and Understanding:
Demonstrate a critical awareness of frame works for strategic choice and strategic action including through market development innovation mergers acquisition collaboration etc.;

LO3: Intellectual practical affective and transferrable skills:
Apply strategy principles;

LO4: Intellectual practical affective and transferrable skills: Critically evaluate strategy with in the context of non globalised globalised private and/or public sector non govern mental and governmental/multigovernmental) organisations.

 This assignment must be completed individually.
 The quality of your assignment must demonstrate robust research and critical analysis skills.
 All tasks be submitted in a single document.

In order to achieve full marks, you must submit your work before the deadline. Work that is submitted late up to five working days after the published submission deadline will be accepted and marked. How ever the element of the module’s assessment to which the work contributes will be capped with a maximum mark of 40%.

Work cannot be submitted if the period of 5 working days after the deadline has passed unless there is an approved extension). Failure to submit within the relevant period will mean that you have failed the assessment.

MOD006936 Strategy In The Public And Private Sectors Assignment

Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or other cause considered valid by the Director of Studies Team.

Mitigation: The deadline for submission of mitigation in relation to this assignment is no later than five working days after the submission date of this work. Please contact the Director of Studies Team

Strategy sums up the long-term objectives of an organisation Smart business leaders focus their attention on various factors in their business environment which are capable of affecting the long-term competitiveness of their business they engage various management theoretical tools in order to under stand the implications of these factors and develop strategies which will increase their competitive advantage and long-term sustainability with in a fiercely competitive market.

In your new role as Head of Strategy Development for your organisation a choice which you will select from the options provided below), you will apply knowledge gained from this module taught and independently researched to real time industry situations and present a business report to the Board on how to position your organisation more competitively in its strategic group.

MOD006936 Strategy In The Public And Private Sectors Assignment

TASK 1 – By critically analysing its strategic environments, describe the strategic position of your organisation.

TASK 2 – Identify and critically evaluate the impact of one emerging technology on your organisation’s present and future operations and following your critical evaluation make practical recommendations for senior management on how to overcome challenges and maximise opportunities presented by your identified emerging technology.

WORK QUALITY – Present a high standard academic and professional report.

In writing your report you are expected to use theoretical tools that you have studied during the course and from your research, and make reference to credible evidence.
It is expected that you will use more than 10 independently researched academic
sources from the ARU library.

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