NPR3036 Reflection Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NPR3036 Reflection
Assessment Type :- Assignment
LO D) Demonstrate a consistently positive work ethic and personal and professional integrity and values and ability to challenge others
LO E) Lead the team and identify strategies for self and team transformation
NPR3036 Reflection Assignment

NPR3036 Reflection Assignment


1500-word (+ 10% above) reflection of your application of your positive work ethic personal and professional integrity and values and your ability to challenge others and identify strategies for personal self development AND team transformation

What do you need to Include?
a.Reflect on your personal positive work ethic
b. Reflect on how do you demonstrate your personal and professional integrity
and your values
c.Reflect on how do you challenge others?
d.What are your strategies for personal self development?
e.What are your strategies for team transformation?
f.You might want to reflect on how your team put together your video or a practice
experience or another experience whilst on the course, but it MUST relate to you as a nurse
g.You must underpin your reflections with evidence from the literature

Idea of structure :
Introduction :
A descriptive clear and concise section explaining the context of this reflection.
What will you be covering in this reflection in relation to your positive work ethic personal and professional integrity and values and your ability to challenge others your personal self-development AND team transformation

Ensure you Add appropriate referencing.

You should now be writing at L6, we expect to see critical discussion and critique under pinned with relevant literature

Structure continued
Thoughts and Feelings :-
What are your thoughts and feelings about your learning about yourself? What do you think about your work ethic integrity and values? Have these changed during your nurse education? What do you feel is your personal contribution to the team now you are approaching qualification? How do you feel about being able to challenge others and transform a team and where do you think you need to develop?

These will be personal to you and everyone is likely to have different feelings and thoughts or areas for development.

Analysis :-
This is the focus of any reflection – MOST of your word count should be here
1.Do you have a positive work ethic, has this changed and WHY when it is challenging or difficult how do you keep positive? How will you avoid burn out?
2.Analyze your personal and professional integrity and values have these changed, what have you learnt on the course and in practice or making your video that has changed and developed you?
How do you demonstrate your personal integrity and values?
3.As a nurse we want you to be able to challenge others AND transform the teams you work in do you feel ready to do this, if you do why is this and if you don’t again why?
4.What and where do you still feel you need to develop, what strategies do you have to address these needs?

References are essential to support your reflections :-
1.A reflection is a personal piece of work but still must be evidenced based

For example:

2.What does the literature say about a nurse’s work ethic, how do nurses keep positive what motivates nurses and you why do nurses sometimes burn out?

3.What does the literature say about personal and professional integrity and values how do nurses need to behave professionally and personally have your values changed in any way what does the code say?

4.What does the literature say about challenging others and transformation is this easy or difficult what is a nurses and your role in this?

NPR3036 Reflection Assignment

5.Having identified your development needs what does the literature say in support of your plans?

A good reflection
Demonstrates self-awareness and learning about YOU with actions to take forward for the future (related to the learning outcomes)

Structure continued :-
Evaluation (what did you learn)

What is your judgement from your analysis. This is where you pull together the key themes and offer a Judgement and strategy for your self development. What are you good at and also what do you need to learn gain skills in or develop personally.

NPR3036 Reflection Assignment

Conclusion and Action Plan

From your reflection what conclusions can you make about your future self-development. What will you be working on in terms of your self development and how do you plan to go about this?

This should be a strong section pulling together points made with in the work.

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