Policy And Strategy Assignment – UK

Module Title :– Policy And Strategy
Assessment Type :- Assignment Report
Weighting :- 100%
Assignment task :- USE the policy documents that have been uploaded (VS 2017 Survivor’s justice (1). Read it carefully and write a report of 2000 words (+/-10%) that discusses the context objectives arguments and findings of this document. You must draw on relevant social science theory and research welfare ideology and values and social policy debates to support the discussion of your selected policy document.
Policy And Strategy Assignment – UK

Policy And Strategy Assignment

Ensure your report follows this structure :-

Title – make it clear which policy document you intend to discuss in your assessment.

Table of content
-use the assignment brief for guidance
Discussion of the aims of the organisation that has written your chosen document, its scope of work in relation to service provision, and its involvement in policy research and campaigning Discussion of the social problem(s) identified in and the objectives of the policy document Discussion of the document’s principal arguments and findings, including discussion of the main recommendations made in the selected report – use the assignment brief for guidance

Policy And Strategy Assignment – UK

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes :
LO1 Identify and discuss the impact of values and welfare ideologies on policy making.
LO2 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of voluntary organisations and campaigning in the policy process.
LO3 Show an understanding of how political values and ideologies influence the interpretation of evidence in the policy process.

Policy And Strategy Assignment – UK

Task requirements :-
1.You must demonstrate that you have read and understood your selected document.
2. You must draw on you own in dependent reading of relevant theory and policy to en able you
to discuss the content of your selected document and address all aspects of the assessment task.
3. Summarise in your own words paraphrase the material you use and reference it appropriately.
You can quote from your selected policy document and material from your independent reading. How ever quotations should be a phrase or sentence and always supported with an appropriate reference. Remember that it is not acceptable to copy and paste sections of your selected document or other material you read into your assessment. You risk failing the assessment if you do this.
4. Your report must contain intext references and a reference list at the end.The reference list is not included in the word count and must be in the Harvard style Ensure that your selected document is referenced in the text of your report and included in the reference list.
5.You should use sub headings in your report and ensure that you follow the required structure that has been set out in the assessment brief.
6. You should write in a scholarly style. Avoid writing in the first or second person ( I, you or we).
7. Proof read your report before you submit it to ensure that what you have written makes sense and that you have addressed all sections of the task.

How your work will be assessed
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning out comes for this assignment (see above) and against the following criteria

1. Addresses the question set
2. Evidence of independent reading
3. Evidence of understanding of relevant social science theory and research
4. Evidence of understanding of relevant social policy concepts, welfare ideologies and policy debates
5. Development of well-structured and clearly expressed discussion
6. Accurate referencing (in-text and reference list), drawing on a range of appropriate sources

Policy And Strategy Assignment – UK

The assessment criteria provide a basis for fair and consistent marking and indicate what is expected of you in this assignment. It is strongly recommended that you engage with them while you are working on the assignment and use them in combination with any feed back you receive once your work has been marked to help you plan for future learning and development.

Before you submit :-
1.Please use the provided checklist below to make sure you are ‘fit to submit’ your work
2.We recommend you use this checklist as soon as you get this assignment brief to help you plan your work

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