Professional Development Plan Assignment – UK

Module Code :- 1752
Module Title :- Work Based Practice in Aesthetics
ASSIGNMENT TITLE :- Professional Development Plan
Level :- 5
Weighting :- 40%
Essay/Report Format :- Formal Report
Assignment Word Count :- 1,500
Professional Development Plan Assignment – UK

Professional Development Plan Assignment


Create a Professional Development Plan (PDP) aligned to your chosen career in the aesthetics industry
● Discuss ONE career in the aesthetics sector
● Identify the interpersonal skills knowledge and expertise required to secure and sustain employment in your career enabling you to fulfil your goals and potential
● Identify THREE key strengths and THREE key weaknesses
● Present THREE short and THREE long term SMART objectives. Your objectives should address your current and progressive academic career and personal development.

Professional Development Plan Assignment – UK

Your PDP should include
● An introduction to justify the significance of a PDP in your career academic and personal development
● A brief overview of the aesthetics sector inclusive of areas of growth trends and career opportunities
● Define your chosen career. Include the combination of roles experiences education and pathways which maximise your graduate outcomes and enable you to achieve your goals both professionally and personally. Aim for a minimum period of FIVE years from completion of your current programme of study.
● Identify the interpersonal skills, knowledge and expertise required to both secure and sustain employment in your chosen career
● Introduce your personal brand. What is your professional identity? How will you ensure that you remain competitive? What is your USP?
● Analyse and discuss the results of your gap analysis. Compare these results to a competency/ qualification framework job description etc
● Include both short and long term objectives. This forecast must show development and progression from your current position, level of qualification and align with your career plan.
● Your SMART objectives should address your current and progressive academic, career and personal development. Prioritise your weaknesses.
● Formulate an action plan to align with your objectives. Identify any gaps and demonstrate how you will close them.
● Reflect on your journey to date. Offer a conclusion which discusses what you have learnt from the process and which acknowledges contingency planning, possible challenges and which shows an awareness of the next stages of your journey.
● Focus on attention to detail, quality of work and overall academic standards.
● For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available on Canvas.

Professional Development Plan Assignment – UK

● i. Develop a personal plan detailing academic career and personal objectives documenting knowledge and expertise and areas for improvement.

● The skills outcomes to be developed by completing this assignment can be found here.

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