QH0305 Problem Solving Assignment Sheet 1- UK

Module Code:-  QH0305
Module Title :- Problem Solving
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Instructions :- This is one of eight assessment tasks which will contribute to the overall marks. You will need to complete the tasks as outlined below and then document them in a word document file. As a minimum you should provide screen shots of the following:
QH0305 Problem Solving Assignment Sheet 1- UK

QH0305 Problem Solving Assignment

 Your code
 The output that your code generates
In instances where your code could give different out puts depending on what values are given you should provide multiple screen shots of the console screen showing the different out puts to demonstrate that the code works correctly.

This assessment will focus on variables and operators.

Task 1:
In this task you will write a small program to design and develop a basic metric system calculator which will calculate the following:
a) Convert Yards to Kilometres
b) Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
c) Convert Kilograms to Stone
d) Convert Centimetres to Inches
e) Convert Gallons to Litres

You should create some variables and store the values in them and the program should give the correct calculation based on the conversion rates.

To achieve a D grade
 Your code should perform all 5 calculations one after the other based on initial values of all relevant variables.
 You need to provide screen shots of your code and the different outcomes it can give.
 Your word document should have appropriate headings to ensure that this task can
easily be identified alongside the rest of your work.

To achieve a C grade
Complete all previous steps then:

 The values contained in the variables should now be retrieved from the user.
 Show that the code runs as follows:

 Enter a value to convert Yards to Kilometres: —-
The answer is: —-
 Enter a value to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius: —-
The answer is: —-
 Enter a value to convert Kilograms to Stones: —-
The answer is: —-
 Enter a value to convert Centimetres to Inches: —-
The answer is: —-
 Enter a value to convert Gallons to Litres: —-
The answer is: —-

To achieve a B grade

Complete all previous steps then:
 All the tasks must be accompanied by written descriptions or annotations. These
must show satisfactory understanding of how the code works.

To achieve an A grade
Complete all previous steps, then:

 In most assessment sheets, to attain higher grade, tasks will require some independent research. For example investigate how the programme could work differently for example if the programme asks the user the choice of calculating Yards to Kilometres, Celsius to Fahrenheit etc. (i.e. the other way around)

QH0305 Problem Solving Assignment Sheet 1- UK

QH0305 Problem Solving Assignment

Assignment Preparation Guidelines
 All components of the assignment report must be word processed hand written text or hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable font size must be within the range of 11 point to 14 point including the headings body text and any texts within diagrams.
 Standard and commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman Arial or Calibri should be used.
 All figures graphs and tables must be numbered and labelled with short explanations.
 Material from external sources must be properly acknowledged and cited with in the text using the Harvard referencing system.
 All components of the assignment text diagrams. code etc. must be submitted in one-word file.
 The report should be logically structured the core of the report may start by defining the problem / requirements followed by the proposed solution including a detailed discussion analysis and evaluation leading to the implementation and testing stage finally a conclusion and a personal reflection on learning.
 Screenshots without description / discussion are not suitable as they do not express your understanding or support your work adequately.

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