QHO318 Fundamentals Of Business Assignment-Solent University UK

Module Code:- QHO318
Module Title :-  Fundamentals of Business
Level :- 3
Assessment Title :- Business Environment
Assessment Number :- Main (AE1)
Assessment Type :-  Group work
Restrictions on Time/Word Count :- Maximum of 20 slides and 2000 words.
Individual/Group :- Group presentation preparation
Assessment Weighting :- 100%
QHO318 Fundamentals Of Business Assignment-Solent University UK
QHO318 Fundamentals Of Business Assignment

Introduction :-
Business does not operate in a vacuum Inter connected ness is considered as major globalisation theme and impacts the business environment. The disappearance of borders a cross economies means that activity in one economy has impact on another. As a future manager you should be aware that the environment in which a business operates is ever changing and can contribute to either the success or failure of the business.

Choose a company from the list below and prepare a presentation. Your presentation should discuss how globalisation and the changing business environment contributed to the collapse of your chosen company.

List of companies:
1. Monarch Air
2. Thomas Cook

Your work should among other things address:
A. Background of your chosen company
B. Sector in which the company operates
C. Present the industry statistics of your chosen company
D. The role of internet in globalisation

Given the current situation where learning is conducted online your Power Point slides should be accompanied with notes In the absence of an oral presentation the notes should be sufficient to meet the assessment criteria As a guide your work should not be more than 20 slides of NOT more than two thousand words.

QHO318 Fundamentals Of Business Assignment-Solent University UK

QHO318 Fundamentals Of Business Assignment

Please note that there is only 1 assessment for this unit which you will need to pass other wise risk not proceeding on to Level 4. You will have been supported through formative summative assessment checkpoints. Activities are interwoven throughout the module so it is vital to engage in all activities and ask questions! In this way you will have given yourself the best chance for success on this unit whilst also broadening your knowledge of these business challenges.

Learning Outcomes
This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning out comes identified in the Module descriptors.

Extenuating Circumstances :-
The Universitys Extenuating Circumstances procedure is in place if there are genuine circumstances that may prevent a student submitting an assessment. If students are not & #39 fit to study they can either request an extension to the submission deadline of 5 working days or they can request to submit the assessment at the next opportunity Defer. In both instances students must submit an EC application with relevant evidence.

If accepted by the EC Panel there will be no academic penalty for late submission or non submission dependent on what is requested. Students are reminded that EC covers only short term issues (20 working days) and that if they experience longer term matters that impact on learning then they must contact the Student Hub for advice.

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