QHO430 Data Analysis Report Assignment – UK

Module Code :- QHO430
Module Title :- Data Analysis Report
Level :- FHEQ Level 4
Assessment Number :- AE1
Assessment Type :- Individual Report
Weighting :- 70%
Individual/Group :- Individual
Word Count :- 2000 (-/+10%) Words The word count includes any headings figure captions table tiles citations etc. that make up the body of your work but does not include reference list at the end.
QHO430 Data Analysis Report Assignment – UK

QHO430 Data Analysis Report Assignment

Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit :
It is essential that assignments keep with in the word count limit stated above Any work beyond the maximum word length per mitted will be disregarded and not accounted for in the final grade.

Assessment Task

This task consists of a group work where collaboration and team work play an important part. With in the group you should discuss what aspects you wish to studygiven the available data you can access and what you plan to achieve before decidingon the group project topic. This can be something with potential social impact such as the environment population distribution wealth business health education or inter national aspects. For a local perspective you could look at data available from the ONS Office of National Statistics.The World Data Bank has also vast collection of open datasets you could consider. The members of the group should select their individual topic under the domain of the group project topic.

You will require to conduct data analysis on your chosen topic and produce academic report. You should identify your group project topic your individual data analysis objective(s). Then perform data analysis based on data analysis process: collectraw data un analysed data from different sources prepare your collected data handle your collected data to be ready for your analysis using analysis techniques analyse your collected data (you can select a wide range of analysis methods such as descriptive analysis predictive analysis or prescriptive analysis that suitable to your analysis objective. You can use Excel as your data analysis tool), present your data analysis results using suitable data visualisation. Your data analysis process and results from individual topic will be combined or summary to present insightful information to your stake holder at the end of module as your group presentation You also need to ensure that you keep good records of the group meetings, any discussions you have with the group and any collaboration during working on the group project. A self Reflection of your learning process through out the module and group project will be included in your report.

Formatting of the report

A suggested format:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures
  • Report Contents

1. Introduction :-
i. A brief statement of your group project motivation/problems
ii. Group projectaim(s)
iii. Your objective(s) for your analysis part, you can have more than one objective


QHO430 Data Analysis Report Assignment – UK

QHO430 Data Analysis Report Assignment

Data collection: where did you get the data from (you can identify both the dataset use in a group and any specific dataset you use for your individual analysis); how did you retrieve the dataset. Ensure you reference sources for any data you collected or used.

Data preparation: identify process of data preparation that you perform on your collected data. The process can consist with all the following process or some of them depends onthe suitability of the process and collected data. Data understanding, e.g., what variables that have collected, how many variables in that dataset, data cleaning e.g., handle with missing value, data pre-processing e.g., select certain variables to use for analysis, merge data from different file, sorting data etc.

Data analysis: identify data analysis techniques/approach/method that you use to get the results. Analysis methods need to match with your analysis objectives. You need to perform data analysis using Excel based on your identified approaches

Results: present the analysis results from your analysis with appropriatedata visualisation

Conclusion: conclusion or summary your individual analysis results

Project Management

Project plan: present your workplan (tasks) and timeline using Gantt chart

Project collaboration:
identify your skill of collaboration -how you are meeting up, how did you work as a group, evidence of group work collaboration e.g., snapshot of discussion board online-diary share document on MS team etc.

Learning reflection: discuss learning outcome you achieve, issues you have had and what in the future you might do differently

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