Question BSS008-2 – Portfolio Based On Career Planning

Assessment BSS008-2 – Portfolio Based On Career Planning

Core learning outcomes

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in relation to jobs and career paths.

In order to pass the assessment you will need to

  • Identify quantifiable gaps in your knowledge and personal skills through the process of completing a gap analysis utilising current recruitment material from industries relevant to your course.


Assessment brief: ‘Prepare a portfolio’

Assessment 1 is a portfolio that contains evidence of how the activities of the first two blocks have enabled you to evaluate gaps in your knowledge based on the current requirements of your chosen industry. In addition, you will be required to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the current job market (e.g. interviewing employers, listening to speakers from industry, completing skills audit questionnaire), identifying both how well you currently meet person specifications and the extent to which your current public profiles (e.g. CV’s, personal web site, Linked In etc) demonstrate that you have the skills to meet the needs of your chosen industry.  The results of this gap analysis will then inform your future action planning.

Question BSS008-2 – Portfolio Based On Career Planning

Main task

The first assessment is based on the activities you have covered in Practice week Blocks 1 and 2. You have to prepare a portfolio based on activities and tasks (given below) that form an important part of your application for a job you will identify as suitable (from the given list of ‘job adverts) for your first job after university and is designed to help you match your strengths to what the employer is asking for.The Portfolio should contain the following documents:

  1. Completed employability skills audit questionnaire (Download from BREO).
  2. Completed Employer information checklist based on your experience of talking to an You must also use the notes (taken from talks given by the industry experts) to complete the checklist.
  3. Completed application form (Download from BREO).
  4. Completed company research checklist (Download from BREO)
  5. Prepare a tailored CV with a working link to your Personal Professional Wix website, for the chosen job specification from the given list.
  6. Creating a LinkedIn profile.
  7. Describe different media platforms and ‘Write up a list of 15 relevant people in the ‘job search area’ you are following on social media. (i.e.LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)

Please use the given ‘Marking rubric’ to assess your ‘work in progress’ as it will give you a fair idea on the ‘expected grade.’


You should submit your work before 10.00 am on 16 February,2018 via Breo.


Feedback will be provided within 15 working days of the submission date. You will find your feedback on BREO.

Mitigating Circumstances

If you are going to have difficulty submitting this assessment on time due to exceptional circumstances you should contact the Student Engagement Team as soon as possible. You can phone them on 01582 489622 or visit the team in the Campus Centre Level 2. Alternatively you can complete an online application for mitigating circumstances at:

Students Who Miss This Assessment

If you fail to submit this assessment on time than you will be given an opportunity to do a ‘referral’ where you will only be able to achieve a maximum of 40%- unless you have been awarded Mitigating Circumstances.


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