SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :-  SH6P06 Research Proposal
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
SH6P06 Research proposal – template.
Please use this in conjunction with the session presentations to structure your proposal.
This is due to be submitted on Friday 16 December by 1500.
SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment

Please note that this is submitted via Turnitin on the Weblearn page for SH6P06 Health Project

Research / statement question :-

You must identify a health issue you want to examine or explore.

Have you clearly presented the main question you wish to answer/ explore?

Your research question must include
 a specific health issue
 target population
 timescale
 context (location) and
 appropriate policies/ strategies/intervention/s

Introduction :-
What are the key areas which will be addressed in this research proposal?

Back ground and Rationale for the study please do not introduce additional subheadings under this section

This needs to reflect a range of reading around your research topic.

Provide background historical and contextual information and research indicating why and how your health issue exists as a problem?

Discuss the health issue showing the nature and extent of the problem [including variation in terms of key aspects supported by relevant statistics and literature? What other studies have been conducted and what is their relevance to your research topic?

SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

Provide a brief overview of the policy strategy or interventions to be addressed in the project?

Why is this research topic important to your field of practice?
Have you presented a Justification Statement? i.e.  objectively justifying the research topic using relevant literature sources?

Aim and Objectives :-
What is the aim of the study – what do you want to achieve? (Identify one aim)

Does the aim of the study resonate with your research question statement?

What are the objectives of the study?

Identify 4 objectives.
The first objective should focus on epidemiology i.e. prevalence of the health issue & the last one should focus on the impact of policy strategy initiatives put in place to tackle the health issue).

Overall all objectives should be geared towards addressing the aim of the study.

Methodology :-

When conducting Secondary Research you are required to address the following:

Have you explained the selected methodological approach i.e. secondary research versus primary research? Have you discussed the strengths and limitations of selected methodo logical approach supported by relevant literature?

Have you justified the selected methodology approach supported by relevant literature?

Literature Search Strategy 
How will you conduct your literature search

What search engines will be used to search for the literature?
What academic data bases will be accessed?
What organisations if any will be accessed for literature?
What relevant key words and Boolean operators will be used in the literature search?
What is your literature search exclusion and inclusion
criteria and have you justified it?

Ethical Considerations :-
When considering Secondary Research you must consider ethical issues in relation to studies being reviewed these issues relate to the following:

SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment

scholarly practice avoiding plagiarism falsification and mis representation of data
integrity of the research reviewed respecting rights confidentiality dignity and diversity ethical approval

Project outline :-
You need to set out the contents of each chapter. For secondary Research the project will have the following elements and chapters
 Title Page
 Abstract
 Contents Page
 Chapter 1 Introduction, background and Rationale,Aim and Objectives
 Chapter 2 Methodology including literature search strategy and Ethical considerations)
 Chapter 3 Literature Review Discussion based on your objectives
 Chapter 4 Conclusion and Recommendations

SH6P06 Research Proposal Assignment – UK

Research Time table :-
When will your research project start and finish?

Have you identified specific targets actions for completion with in specific time frames?

e.g. a table with two columns and list your targets actions and time frames i.e. specific dates.

Consider time for supervision sessions and acting on feedback with in proposed time table

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