SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :- SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Learning Outcomes: 9
1. of your own transition into higher education and own learning styles both in terms
of strengths and difficulties.
2. of the relevance of social sciences to different public private and voluntary sector organisations.
SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

Skills :-
3. the ability to search from a variety of sources and evaluate academic material
4. be able to implement effective academic writing skills

Your assignment consists of two parts and will be testing learning outcomes 1,2,3 and 4. Your submission should cover both parts. Please note this is not a choice between part 1 and 2.

Please note:
at the end of the module the marks from both tasks will be merged into one over all mark.

For this assignment you must select a piece of academic writing of your choice with in
your subject area and with reference to professional practice.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

Part 1:-
Part 1: Critically evaluate an article that is relevant to the health and social care profession i.e. the article must discuss a health and social care related issue topic or concept

Points to consider when critically evaluating an article ensure you explain:
• What the article/chapter is about?
• Why you selected it and who might the target audience be?
• What you found interesting about it?
• What are the key questions being answered in the article?
• What are the findings of the article?
• What improvements would you suggest to the article?
• What is the significance of the academic writing to professional practice in your subject area?

Part 2- Academic report
Academic Reflective report
For this part write an appropriately structured academic report where you write a
reflective account of your experience in under taking Part 1 of the assignment using recognised models of reflection i.e. Gibbs’s Kolb’s Reflective model etc. In your Reflection you should take into consideration what you already knew and any additional learning reading under taken by you outside of the class room. Your reflection must include:

• What you felt you did well or found easy?
• What you think you may have found difficult?
• What skill do you need to develop further?
• How has the exercise impacted upon your ability to develop your skills in academic reading writing and research? Etc.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK


Research-informed Literature
Your work must be informed and supported by scholarly material that is relevant to &
focused on the tasks set.

You should provide evidence that you have accessed a wide range of sources which may be academic govern mental and industrial these sources may include academic journal articles text books current news articles organisational documents and websites.

You should consider the credibility of your sources academic journals are normally highly credible sources while websites require careful consideration selection and should be used sparingly. Any sources you use should be current and up to date mostly published with in the last five years or so though seminal/important works in the field may be older.

You must provide evidence of your research own reading through out your work using
in text citations in the main body of your work and a reference list that is alphabetical at the end of your work. Please use the Harvard referencing system.

Knowledge and Understanding of Subject
Your work must demonstrate the growing extent of your knowledge & understanding
of concepts and underlying principles associated with the subject area.

Knowledge relates to the facts information and skills you have acquired through your learning.

You demonstrate your understanding by interpreting the meaning of the facts and information knowledge.

This means that you need to select and include in your work the concepts techniques models theories etc.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

appropriate to the task(s) set. You should be able to explain the theories concepts etc. meaningfully to show your under standing. Your mark grade will also depend upon the extent to which you demonstrate your knowledge and under standing ideally each should be complete and detailed with comprehensive coverage.

Analysis :-
Your work must contain evidence of logical analytical thinking evaluation and synthesis. For example :-  to examine and break information down into parts make inferences compile compare and contrast information.

This means not just describing What! but also justifying:

Why? How? When? Who? Where? At all times you must provide justification for your
arguments and judgements. Evidence that you have reflected upon the ideas of others with in the subject area is crucial to you providing a reasoned and informed debate within your work.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

Further more you should provide evidence that you are able to make sound judgements and convincing arguments using data and concepts. Sound valid conclusions are necessary and must be derived from the content of your work.

There should be no new information presented within your conclusion.

Where relevant alternative solutions and re commendations may be proposed.

Practical Application and Deployment
You should be able to demonstrate how the subject‐related concepts and ideas relate to real world situations or a particular context. How do they work in practice?

You will deploy models methods techniques and/or theories in that context to assess current situations perhaps to formulate plans or solutions to solve problems some of which may be innovative and creative.

This is likely to involve for instance the use of real‐world examples and cases the application of a model within an organisation and/or bench marking one organisation against others based on stated criteria. You should show aware ness of the limitations of concepts and theories when applied in particular contexts.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment

Skills for Professional Practice
Your work must provide evidence of the attributes expected in professional practice.

This includes demonstrating your individual initiative and or collaborative working.

You must communicate effectively in a suit able format which may be written and or
oral for example essay management report presentation.

Work should be coherent and well structured in presentation and organisation.

SSC114 Critical Evaluation And Reflective Account Assignment – UK

Essential Resources:
• Resources listed on the lecture schedule and on Canvas
• Programme of Study Handbook

The University is committed to the universal academic standard which requires that students must not submit materials which contain some one else’s work without appropriate acknowledgement. By submitting you confirm that the work you submit is your own and that you have read and under stood the guide to academic integrity and academic misconduct.

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