SSC310 Practical Application Project Assignment – UK

Module Code :-  SSC310
Title :- Practical Application Project
Words :- 4000
This portfolio should meet the following learning outcomes:
To be able to demonstrate a knowledge of:
• the changing role of the professional working within a variety of Health settings initiatives in collaboration with service users which reflect evidence based practice identified through the literature
• how legal and ethical issues are addressed in the workplace
• the role of the professional within services catering for health and social support
SSC310 Practical Application Project Assignment – UK

To be able to demonstrate effective use of the following skills/abilities:
• written and oral communication
• time management
• working with others
• working independently
• critical reflection and evaluation of own learning
• reviewing and challenging policies supporting quality care of problematic substance

Your portfolio will be assessed against the specific learning outcomes identified above. You should consider the following criteria as a guide to producing your work in addition to the university’s assessment criteria:

•Details of the placement organization including the nature of its activities
•Critical analysis of your experiences and performance within the organization in relation  to the development of your skills, knowledge and understanding
•Critical evaluation of the role of others in the organization
•Use of appropriate theoretical concepts including reference to models of reflection and experiential learning
•A critical evaluation of the placement organization including its activities.
Please ensure you include all the contents listed on the Portfolio checklist

To fulfil the assessment requirements for this module you will compile a Portfolio consisting of completed documents with 60 hours work placement and a 4000 words written reflective report.

The completed portfolio drawn up of other documents including
1. Placement Proposal form
2. Learning Contract
3. Supervisor’s Report
4. Health and Safety Risk Assessment Report
5. Placement Log including the hours completed
6. ESSAY that includes a Reflective Personal Profile/Placement Journal/Diary on the profile plus additional material in support and a written Placement Evaluation or a Research project

These assessments will measure how you have RECORDED and EVALUATED your placement and to what extent you have achieved the essential learning outcomes and those identified by yourself in the Learning Contract

In addition you will demonstrate effective use of the following tasks during your placement (examples could be:  organising group work working with individual service users updating information conducting a research study compiling a report assisting in the organisation of an event ) You will also agree to undertake any additional reasonable duties negotiated separately during the placement period.

This considers the varied nature of placements so that the quality of placement does not become a predictor of the quality of the assessed work.

SSC310 Practical Application Project Assignment – UK

SSC310 Practical Application Project Assignment - UK

You are NOT assessed on your placement performance how ever, your practice supervisor will be asked to complete an evaluation to assess whether or not you have achieved the tasks agreed in the Placement Proposal and Learning Contract and if not the reasons
why not.. (See page 11 of the Hand book)

Your submission will be on your module space on Canvas. Please refer to the ‘General Assessment Guidance’ under the Assignment tab, for detailed instructions on how to submit and how to check for your marks and feedback.

Your mark and feedback will be made available to you electronically once the internal moderation has taken place, which is after 4 weeks from your submission deadline.

The University is committed to the universal academic standard, which requires that students must not submit materials which contain someone else’s work without appropriate acknowledgement. By submitting  you confirm that the work you submit is your own and that you have read and under stood the guide to academic integrity and academic misconduct.

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