Supply Network Design And Global Logistics Assignment – UK

Module: Supply Network Design and Global Logistics
Assignment 1: Individual Written Piece – Supply Chain Network Design Report (60%)
Length: 4,000 words
Over length Assessments
There are penalties applied (see below) if you go over the word count by 10%.
Supply Network Design And Global Logistics Assignment – UK

Supply Network Design And Global Logistics Assignment

Unless other wise specified the published word limit:

1. excludes references in footnotes appendices reference lists and bibliographies but
2. includes other footnotes, quotations and in-text references and citations.

The penalties which must be applied to work which is overlength are:
1. 10-20% over the specified word limit, a penalty of 10%
2. more than 20% over the published word limit, the work will be awarded a mark of zero

Assignment Brief

In this assessment you will be required to write an individual piece of work in the form of a report to the senior management of a medium sized company in your own region. You can write about any company of your choice and should either choose one where a good level of information is publicly available or one you work with. The company should trade locally and globally. The report will require you to analyse current issues and developments in local and global trade logistics, and will use methods and techniques from the module and your own academic and practical research. You will also need to advise the company on adjusting its production schedule using an optimiser from information given in the assignment.

You have been asked by the senior management team (SMT) to assess the best way to set up a supply chain for a new product line which the company has just finished developing and is looking to put into production. The product can be something the company is considering launching, or something you think the company may be capable of producing in the future. For example a food company will need to launch a food product not a car and vice versa. The company will also need your help to optimise its production facility to deal with the new product.

This task is in two parts.

Part 1: Supply Chain Investigation
Explore the best routes to local markets and to the lucrative markets of Europe and the USA where the product will be launched. This will be in your report as ‘Supply Chain Route Investigation’.

This investigation will comprise:

1. Supply chain transportation identification to include:
i. The best method of carrying the product (container, size, etc)
ii. An identification of two or three possible routes to reach target markets including the type(s) of transport needed along the route (e.g. road, rail, shipping, air)
iii. A consideration of the types of contract that would be appropriate for transportation a single contract bill of lading etc
iv. An investigation of the cost of transporting the product

2.Analysis of options, to include:
a. Consideration of costs
b. Supply chain risk analysis for each of the possible routes identified
c. Time to transport the product
d.An indication of where IT, and in particular Industry 4.0, might be used to optimise the supply chain

3.Justification of chosen route with:
i. Outline of its effectiveness (e.g. throughput)
ii. An estimate of the benefits (e.g. speed, cost saving)

Part 2: Optimizing the Supply Chain
The company has decided to produce the product in standard shipping batches. To cope with the new product an adjustment to production needs to be made on the lines that will make it. The company has given you the following information:

1.Design an optimizer on Microsoft Excel (as shown in the Guided Practice session Week 5 and use the Solver add-on to advise the company how many batches of each product it should make to maximize profit.

2.Use your spreadsheet to model a reduction in skilled labor hours by 100, to

You should include a set of screenshots in your assignment showing your optimisation formula results can be submitted as an appendix to your report.

Additional Guidance :-
This assignment asks you to investigate a formative supply chain for an organisation. You will need to be concise to do this. You will need to do some practical research a long side your academic studies. The supply chain out line is important and you will find that using the techniques covered in this module will guide you through the process.Details such as preferred shippers and associated agencies will be helpful and you will find that adding quotes or other information to the appendices of your report greatly en hances its practicality. You should refer to any such data within your report.

While the practical aspects of this report are important the academic aspect of your work is also relevant and you should formulate arguments that support your ideas. Diagrams will enhance this report too; these should be clear and referred to within your text.

A good piece of work will be professionally presented and logically structured with a good standard of written English.

You must not cut and paste phrases or paragraphs from published sources without appropriately citing them. You should seek to use your own words to explain concepts and theories while acknowledging the work of other scholars.

Supply Network Design And Global Logistics Assignment – UK

Supply Network Design And Global Logistics Assignment

The report format might have the following structure.

1. A title page with your student ID number and the date

2. An Introduction to the report identifying:

I. The company, and
II. Your chosen product

3.Contextualization section discussing the key markets for the product

4.Supply chain identification

5.Supply chain analysis

6.Production modelling (Task 2)

7.Summary, including recommendations and justification

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