TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4 – ICON College UK.

Subject Code & Title: TNA67 Leadership And Management
Recommended Word limit for Leadership and Management Case study: 2,000 – 2,500
Recommended Word limit for presentation: 1,500 – 2,000
Please note that you will not be penalised for going under or exceeding the word limit.
This Unit will be assessed by a Leadership and Management in the workplace case study and a 15-minute presentation on Motivational strategy You are strongly advised to read “Preparation guidelines of the Coursework Document” before answering your assignment.
TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4 – ICON College UK.

TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4

TNA67 Pearson BTEC HND in Business

A Leadership and Management Case study
Transferable skills and competencies developed
• Effective written communication
• The ability to analyse and evaluate a range of business data and sources of information
• Using research for evidence -based decision making
• Digital literacy
• Interpretation of information that allows for evaluation of theory to practice.

Vocational scenario :
Organisation (Select an appropriate executive search company that meets local needs) The company is technology driven and work with employers to source the most talented leaders to help organisations gain competitive advantage and enhance organisational performance. The executive search seeks out the perfect match for both the role and the company – whether the potential candidate is actively looking for a new position of not.

The company specialises in recruiting senior management and board positions, which require highly experienced quality leaders. Clients range from multinational and listed organisations, through to organisational and privately held SMEs and start-ups. In the public and not for profit sectors, the company works with the largest central government departments, educational institutions and the smallest of charities and trade associations.

You are working as a newly appointed, Trainee Executive Search Consultant. Part of your role is using social media platforms to contact and recruit potential clients and employees for your clients to meet their brief. Understanding leadership and management skills and competencies is critical to your role, as you will be reviewing CVs and filtering applicants, and interviewing and assessing their skills to see if they are the best fit for the job.

Learning Outcomes :
LO1 Examine leadership and management theories and principles and their impact on the effectiveness of an organisation.
LO2 Review the influence of different leadership and management style on the culture of organisations.

Assignment activity and guidance
As a new trainee, you are to complete on boarding training to help you understand leadership and management in action. As part of this on boarding process, you have been asked to undertake a case study report for an organisation. Focusing on a large organisation of your choice, critically evaluate their leadership and management theories, their impact on decision making and the factor that influence their organisational culture. The research of additional business examples should be used to assist in your analysis and evaluation.

Business activities to inform your report will include the following:
• Conducting research into leadership and management theories and their application in the workplace in order to analyse the effectiveness of leadership and management in the given organisation.
• Comparing at least two other organisational examples to compare the different style of leadership and management approaches taken from a range of business situations and how they impact decisions taken.
• Examination of different leadership and management approaches taken to evaluate their effectiveness and the impact that the role of leadership and management has on organisational culture and performance.

Your report should consider the following:
• definitions of leader and manager
• hard and soft skills
• analysis of various leadership theories and their impact on effectiveness and decisions making
• Comparisons of leadership and management activities in different organisations
• the importance of culture and the role leaders and managers
• Critical reflection on the impact of leadership and management.

B Presenting Motivational Strategy :

LO3 Develop a motivational strategy to optimise organisational performance.
LO4 Apply leadership and management approaches to managing performance to ensure continuous improvement.
Transferable and competencies development
• Communication and listening, including the ability to produce clear, structured business communication in a variety of media.
• The ability to work collaboratively.
• Digital skills using different software applications to visually present information and data concisely.
• Creative thinking of presenting information.
• Creativity, innovation and enterprise when seeking solutions to business needs.
• The ability to undertake critical analysis and evaluation to support decision making.

Vocational scenario
Following from research on leadership and management in action, in your role as trainee Executive
Search Consultant you have been requested to take part in a presentation to a potential client with
other trainees (Select an appropriate organisation as your client) to produce a comprehensive
motivational strategy for their business.

Assignment activity and guidance:
You are to take part in a 15-minute group presentation that shows performance management techniques for continuous improvement. This will be followed with the creation of an individually created motivational strategy.

A motivational strategy is a plan that consider a range of financial and non financial incentives, for both successful performance and to support unsuccessful performance.

Business activities:
As part of a small group, you will present your research to the potential client as one group presentation.

The presentation and speaker notes should address the following areas.
• An introduction to motivational theories, including content and process, performance management and continuous improvement.
• Examples of the application of performance management approaches.
• Assessment of leadership and management approaches and theories, including their role in supporting performance.
• Recommendations of how the above could improve continuous improvement and performance.

TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4

You will produce an individual, comprehensive motivational strategy that considers both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation alongside social, cultural, and organisational variables. The strategy should be supported with appropriate literature.

It should be clear how the strategy supports the achievement of organisational objectives.

In the strategy, ensure that the link between the strategy and enhanced organisational performance is evident in relation to the chosen business.

Analyse: Break an issue or topic into smaller parts by looking in depth at each part. Support each part with arguments and evidence for and against (Pros and cons). Break something down into its components, examine factors methodically and in detail to recognise patterns by applying concepts and making connections to predict consequences.

Apply: Use a particular method/technique to solve a problem

Assess: Consider all the factors or events that apply and identify which are the most important or
relevant. Make a judgement on the importance of something and come to a conclusion where

Compare: Estimate, measure or note the similarity or dissimilarity between one thing and
another…(compare something to) draw an analogy between one thing and another for the purpose
of explanation or clarification.

Critically Evaluate: When you critically evaluate you look at the arguments for and against an
issue. Decide the degree to which a statement is true or the importance or value of something by
reviewing the information. Include precise and detailed information and assess possible alternatives
and consider strengths and weaknesses if they were applied instead.

Assess: Evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of something. Provide sufficient detail
and/or understanding in responses. Learners will break something down into its components,
examine factors methodically and in detail to present logical and coherent reasoning.

Develop: Progress/expand/initialise from a starting point

Discuss: Identify the issue/situation/problem/argument that is being assessed within the question
Explore all aspects of an issue/situation/problem/argument Investigate the issue/situation etc. by
reasoning or argument.

TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4 – ICON College UK.

TNA67 Leadership And Management Assignment 4

Evaluate: Examine in detail the meaning or essential features of a theme, topic or situation; break
something down into its components; examine factors methodically and in detail, identify separate
factors, say how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic to make reasoned
judgements and conclusions. Review the information then bring it together to form a conclusion.

Examine: Inspect (someone or something) in detail to determine the nature or condition.Make recommendations: Make relevant and appropriate suggestions; usually for improvement.

Produce: To bring to existence. Give rise to by intellectual or creative ability: to make or manufacture.

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