UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

Subject Code & Title : UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs
Assessment Weighting : 100% per cent of total module mark
Assignment Type : Individual
Word Count : 2000 Words +/- 10%
Assessment Instructions : The vehicle for assessment on this module comprises one element
UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment

Component A: Individual Report :
Students will be expected to keep a journal throughout the course and record their experiences of the services they encounter (5 detailed descriptions are expected. Up to 500 words maximum per journal entry) from a services marketing and operations perspective. The journal is designed to help students to understand customer service
expectations, and why as consumers we are sometimes satisfied or dissatisfied with the service experience from a marketing and operational perspective.

By recording and analysing their experiences, particularly in reference to the theories, tools and techniques of services marketing and operations, students should begin to discover what is truly needed to deliver customer requirements. Students will apply relevant model and theory to the examples that they record. It is expected that the journal will include details, which reflect the nature of the taught content of the module and will be presented in a diary/reflective journal format.

The journal will be used to produce the Individual Report (2000 words excluding the journal) and will be submitted as an appendix to

If you do not submit the journal along with your individual report you will receive zero marks

Students will Choose TWO of the Service Encounters from the journal and provide suggested solutions to the problematic issues they have observed by applying a model/theory from the lecture series.

Students will be able to use their knowledge from the module to aid their analysis and to provide workable recommendations that will enhance the ability of the system or subsystem to meet service requirements.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment

Marking Criteria :
The marking grid to evaluate the assessment is attached. See Appendix One

Formative feedback and Support :
Formative feedback provides opportunities to reflect on your ongoing work and preparation for your assignment.

Early presentations of journals to lecturer/s is essential to gaining timely feedback that can build the quality of your submission. This will be repeatedly encouraged during the lecture series.

Further information about this assessment is available on the Blackboard site for this module. See BB under additional

Formatting :
The journal should be word processed in 12 point font Times New Roman

Please use the following file format Microsoft Word

Please ensure that you provide the following details on the first page of your coursework:

1. Student Number
2. Module Name and the Module Identification Number
3. Word Count (Excluding the journals)
4. Report Title
5. Module Leader
6. Name both of the companies/events that are the focus of the 2000 word individual report
7. Attach all 5 journals to the end of the report, and submit together in a single document. You MUST submit the journal.

Word Limit :
The maximum word limit for this coursework is 2000 Words. The journals are NOT included in the word count

1.There is no +/- 10% on word count and anything after the maximum word count will not be marked, in line with UWE Bristol’s Word Count Policy.
2. In line with UWE policy, this word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).
3. The references, bibliography and footnotes (provided footnotes only include references) are NOT included in this word count.

Referencing and Assessment Offences :
Please ensure you reference all sources used when developing your assessment, using the UWE Harvard system. Failure to properly reference your work to original source material can be grounds for the assessment offence of plagiarism and may result in failure of the assessment or more serious implications. Further guidance on correct referencing is available on UWE’s Study Skills referencing pages.

UWE’s Assessment Offences Policy outlines potential offences and it is your responsibility to understand this policy and avoid potential offences. Details of what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it can be found on UWE’s Study Skills pages about avoiding plagiarism.

Text-matching software (e.g. Safe Assign) is used to check every submission against other submissions made at the same time,previous submissions to UWE and other universities, and internet sources. We may also manually search for matches. When submitting your work, you will be required to confirm that the work is your own.

It is an assessment offence to:
1.copy work from any source, including your own previous assessments, and present it as your own work for this
assessment, or to provide your own work to others work with others on the assessment in any way, or for anyone to make amends on your work (including proof readers, who may highlight issues but not edit the work)
3.change individual words but keep, essentially, the same sentences and/or structures from other sources: this will be
detected by text-matching software. Please write in your own words and style to convey your own learning.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment

Instructions for submission :
You must submit your assignment before the stated deadline by electronic submission through Blackboard Notification that the electronic submission portal is open for your assignment is displayed (usually two weeks before the submission date) in the Coursework tab in my UWE, the Coursework tab in Blackboard and via an announcement in the Blackboard course

Please allow sufficient time to upload your assignment, as the system becomes busier and slower as the deadline approaches. Only your final upload will be counted. Ensure all your information is submitted at one attempt to avoid overwriting your intended submission. Always check and retain your receipts.

Submissions of coursework by any other method (including a paper copy, on disk or by email) are NOT permissible for this module unless specifically agreed in advance of the submission date.

Before submitting your work, please ensure that:
You have proof read you work thoroughly to ensure your work is presented appropriately
You have addressed all the required elements of the assessment
You have referenced in accordance with the guidance provided
You have addressed each of the marking criterion
The submission is in the correct format

Final Feedback and Marks Release
Students will normally receive marks and feedback on their submission within 20 working days of the submission deadline (not including public holidays or university closure days). Any delay in returning students’ work will be communicated by the module leader via Blackboard.

Feedback on this module is not limited to the written comments you will receive on individual written assessment submissions.

Feedback and marks for this module will be available by the date specified at the top of this document. For further guidance on feedback, please refer to the module handbook.

Further Guidance and Support :-
There are a number of sources of support to improve your study skills, including:
1. The UWE Library Study Skills pages – for online support and bookable workshops
2. The Faculty of Business and Law’s Academic Success Centre for bookable workshops
3. Guidance on using UWE’s Library.

Specific study skills pages relating to this module include:
1. How to plan and structure your writing
2. Presentation skills
3. Working in a group
4. Writing skills
5. Further research skills / techniques
6. Report writing
7. Reflective writing
8. How to write critically
9. Literature reviews
10. English language support

For further guidance on UWE assessment regulations and terminology see UWE’s Academic Advice pages.

Personal Circumstances :
If you are experiencing difficulties in completing a piece of assessment on time due to unexpected circumstances (for example illness, accident, bereavement), seek advice from a Student Support Adviser at the earliest opportunity. Appointments can be made via an Information Point or online via the Student Support Pages.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment

Student Support Advisers can advise as to whether you should submit an application for ‘Personal Circumstances (PCs)’, how to do so and what evidence is required to support the application. Further details on PCs can be found on the Student Support Pages.

NOTE: The module leader cannot grant personal circumstances or extensions.

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