UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment – UK

Module title and Code :-  People in Organisations UMOCQW-15-M
Component and type :- Component A Written Assignment
Assessment Title :-  Critical Analysis of a case study in the form of an individual written assignment based on three topics from this module.
Assessment weighting :- 100% of total module mark
Size or length of assessment :- 2500 words
UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment – UK

UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment

Module learning outcomes assessed by this task:

1. Appraise theory and research to critically evaluate the theories associated with people and organisations to better understand the complexity of relationships in
organisational environments

2. Apply a range of theoretical frameworks concepts and research relating to the
disciplines of both Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies to develop informed arguments

3. Demonstrate critical insight into how different and multiple perspectives can be
used to analyse the experiences of people in organisations

Completing your assessment

What am I required to do on this assessment?
You need to choose one of the following case studies to analyse using three of the
People and Organisation topics

UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment – UK

Starbucks fired me for being three minutes late' – BBC News
Elon Musk declares end to remote working at Tesla – BBC News
Amazon workers win battle to form first US union – BBC News

Using the information in the case study as a starting point analyse the situation in the case study using three of the study units from the module with at least one topic being from the organisation studies and one from human resources.

You need to analyse the people aspects of the case not the business aspects- it is likely you will need to do further research on the case or organisation to develop your analysis.

Where should I start?
1. Start by reading both articles provided and then choose which you will analyse in
the paper
2. You should then select which of the topics from the module you will use to analyse the paper. Remember you need to choose three- one from Organisation Studies and one from Human Resources. You should make sure that these topics have links with the case you have selected. You will then do some reading- the lecture handouts and recordings are a great place to start but you should do further reading from text books and journal articles
3. You will probably need to do a bit more research into the case and the organisation from the article you have selected you will need more information to be able to analyse the cases in depth.

What do I need to do to pass?
1. Read beyond the lecture handouts- make sure that you engage with academic literature. There is an online reading list available on blackboard, this is a good place to start. You can also follow up the references on the lecture slides.
2. Link theory to practice- you must draw examples from the case and use theory to provide insight into these example
3. Make sure that you have a clear structure and logical flow.
Try to plan your writing consider what message you want the reader to take away from your paper and use sign posts to flag this.
4. Make sure your paper is fully referenced using the Harvard referencing system.

How do I achieve high marks in this assessment?
1. You need to cite relevant literature and be able to critically evaluate the theories
and ideas you draw upon.

This means that you should not take theory for granted but engage with this critically- evaluating both its strengths and weaknesses.
2. A deep and detailed integration of theory and examples from your selected case.
You must use theory to explore the case in a deep and considered way. You must be able to show what the use of theory uncovers. You will need to do more research around the organisation to get more detailed examples.
3. A clear argument that links the topics together and that is warranted by your analysis of the case.

How does the learning and teaching relate to the assessment?
The weekly lectorial sessions provide the subject relevant content, here you will learn about each topic.

In the sessions the key ideas and theorists will be presented. You can also use the lecture slides to follow up on references to assist with researching for your essay.

UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment – UK

UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment

The weekly tutorial sessions are designed to aid the completion of your assessment.
You will be asked to form into groups in these sessions and complete some data collection about your selected case study relating to the topic of the week.

In class you will be asked to draw links between theory and the examples you have drawn and present some of your key findings at the end of the session.

There will also be an online assignment support sessions held which give advice
on how to approach the assignment and how to write it.

How do I avoid an Assessment Offence on this module? 2
Use the support above if you feel unable to submit your own work for this module.

The most common form of assessment offence is collusion this is where students work together closely and write their assignments in collaboration rather than independently.

It is fine for you to work with your peers but please make sure you write up your assignments on your own.

UMOCQW-15-M People in Organisations Assignment – UK

Some students also use essay writing services, please make sure you only present work that you have written.

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