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We know that Visual Basic is a third generation event driven programming language which is an integrated development environment (IDE) originated from the Microsoft for its component Object Model (COM). According to Microsoft, Visual Basic is comparitively easy to learn as well as use. The name is derived from BASIC which is a user friendly popular programming language especially designed for the beginners. Students pursuing this subject on masters or Ph.D level require Online Visual Basic Assignment Help In UK. This is where we come into the picture.

Visual Basic Assignment Help

BASIC enables the rapid application development (RAD) of the graphical user interface (GUI) applications. It also gives access to the databases by using the Data Access Objects, Remote Data Objects or even the Active X Data Objects. It also creates ActiveX controls & related objects.

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Visual Basic as a Subject of Study

Just like BASIC, Visual Basic was designed with the objective of accomodating a very steep learning curve. Here, the programming is a perfect blend of visually arranging the components or controls on a form which is responsible to specify the different attributes & actions for the elements. It also writes additional lines of codes with the purpose to generate more functionality. Our subject matter experts says that visual basic has many distinct characteristics which are taught to the students pursuing this subject for higher studies. Some of the major components of visual basic are mentioned below which are offered effectively in our Online Visual Basic Assignment Help Service UK.

  • Line numbers are absent in the present visual basic unlike the earlier version. Now, the code is grouped further into different subroutines also known as methods.
  • There is no terminating character in the code statements of visual basic. There is only a line ending also called the carriage return or the line feed.
  • 0 allowed that statements can be multi lined along with concatenation of strings or by explicit use of underscore character at the end of every line.
  • The code comments are made by using only a single apostrophe character
  • The looping of statements blocks begins & ends with the keywords like Do, Loop, While, End While, For, Next
  • The use of multiple variable assignments is not possible in visual basic.

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Topics & Concepts of Visual Basic as covered by our expert academic writers

It is known that visual basic is a vast & wide subject to learn. It contains many complex concepts & topics that are difficult to understand & write on. Some of them are Using parentheses in code, Using select case statements, Using the add-in manager, Using with Statements, Visual basic naming rules, Working across applications, Function Procedure, Property Procedure, Sub procedure & many others. Our writers are proficient at helping you submit high scoring assignments under all circumstances.

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  • Calling sub & function procedures
  • Creating object variables
  • Creating recursive procedures
  • Declaring arrays
  • Declaring constants
  • Declaring variables
  • Executing code when setting properties
  • Looping through code
  • Passing arguments efficiently
  • Returning strings from functions
  • Understanding automation
  • Understanding conditional compilation

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