WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment – UK

Course Title :- Access to HE – Healthcare (Nursing)
Unit Title :- The Sociology of Health (WJF698)
Unit :- Level: 3
Task Title :- Health Inequalities in Contemporary Society
WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment – UK

WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment
WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment

This assignment brief will give you guidance on what is required from you to be able to achieve the criteria stated and an overall grade for the unit once all tasks have been completed.All work MUST be submitted to Turnitin through the links on the subject area of Moodle where you will receive feedback from your tutor. The assignment brief DOES NOT need to be

Assignment Brief :-
Description of Assessment Task
For this unit you will be required to write a 2000 word essay to meet all assessment criteria. You must reference using Harvard throughout your essay, as well as provide a reference list at the end.

WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment – UK

As part of your essay please make sure you cover the following:
● Provide different definitions of health and illness Critically evaluate each definition
● Examine the social construction of health and illness by explaining the concept and providing examples this could include examining the sick role the biomedical model the social model determinants of health
● Provide recent data on the distribution of health in your essay for the observers Look at different social factors e.g. class gender ethnicity at least 2. What does this tell us? How is it distributed?
● Apply at least three sociological perspectives to this data and or the unequal distribution of health and health care more generally sociological perspectives could include the Functionalist Marxist and one Feminist perspective How does each perspective explain it? How would they recommend we address this in equality?
● Conclude your essay.
● Provide a reference list.


Please make sure you:
● Use Arial font size 12 and double-line spacing add your word count at the end
● Proof read your work for spelling punctuation and grammar (SPaG)
● Referenced correctly using Harvard referencing with both in text citations and a comprehensive reference list after the conclusion
● Checked that you have met each element of the assessment criteria you are being assessed on Work that does not meet the assessment criteria will have to be resubmitted.
● Saved your work in at least three different places including One Drive
● Submit your work on time.

WJF698 The Sociology of Health Essay Assignment – UK

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