5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

Eligibility :- This is a coursework for both Referred and Deferred students so marking depends on your circumstances.We will not be running Ref/Def versions of : ACE MCQ1 or MCQ2 If you have a SAC for MCQ1 or MCQ2 please contact Olenka. This assignment covers GP1 – GP3 and there will be a separate timed assignment for the EOM Timed Assignment.
5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework

DEFC students with a SAC in any GP1 – GP3 assessments may complete which ever component they have a SAC for. If you do not complete this component your module marks will remain as they are currently.

FREFC students can improve their marks only if their original mark for a GP1 – GP3 component is &lt 40% so if you have a higher mark, you will retain the existing mark and should not do that component. So look at your marks and make informed choices. If you already have a good mark for something don't spend time re doing it. If you do worse on one of the above tasks than you did originally we will retain the higher mark.

How ever do remember that GP1 – GP3 the team marks on Studynet only assess the quality of the assignment itself. If you did not contribute much to an assignment your mark will be lower.SO always check the feedback form for your own individual marks .

Finally Tasks 2 & 3 are about requirements & design necessary stages before implementation. If you are only attempting GP3 Tasks 1, 4-6, it is still worth having a go at Tasks 2 & 3 informally to focus your attention on the problem requirements even if you do not submit them for formal assessment.

Tasks and Deliverables
You may complete this assignment :
 EITHER as an individual
 OR as a team of no more than 3 people
If completing as a team you will need to submit a Roles & Contributions form

TASK 1 – Written Comments on Team Work – to be done by ALL

Imagine that you have been asked by your manager to form a project team of up to 3 people to implement a proto type for the above system and demonstrate it to the BARS management within a short time scale. Provide a short report to your manager between 300-500 words of your recommendations for:

 The roles and responsibilities that you would give to each of the four team members.
 Factors that would contribute to ensuring that your team will be successful.
 Factors that could significantly increase the risk of failure.

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

To answer these sections reflect upon your own experience of teamwork in the GP1-3 assignments of this module.

Tasks 2 – 6 GP1 – GP3

System Description – Reservation of Sports Sites (BARS)
The Booking and Reservation for Sport company has some sports venues in Hertfordshire such as foot ball and rugby fields tennis courts swimming pools etc . Venues may be booked by individuals or clubs organisations for one-off events or scheduled bookings for specific times each week or month etc. In this context someone making a booking whether on their own behalf or on behalf of an organisation is called a booking agent.

Currently bookings can only be made by phone in office hours to the clerks at the BARS Central Booking Office (BCBO). How ever BARS want to extend their business to offer a booking service to owners of other sports venues such as schools or clubs who might wish to make their facilities more widely available. BARS are also aware that they could increase their own business by providing a more comprehensive information system about the availability of such venues and by providing online booking facilities. They would like a website to provide these services. NOTE: BARS in addition to providing the booking service would also be an owner offering their own venues for booking.

You have been retained to provide the BARS website, so that it can be used by both venue owners including BARS and booking agents to manage bookings. It will also be used by BARS Maintenance Department to ensure that their own venues are ready for use. Your software should provide a range of booking and management facilities accessible from the BARS home page and offer different menus/options depending on the user.

To book a venue the booking agent should be asked to either log in existing agents or to register new agents. New booking agent details should be stored on the system so that confirmations payment reminders and publicity material can be sent to them. Booking agents should then be able to view venues their availabilities and existing bookings. They should then be able to make bookings by entering/selecting the venue the date start time and end time required. The system should either confirm the booking or if venues are not available provide alternative date/time. If confirmed the cost should be displayed and electronic payment taken at the time. Booking agents may still book by phoning the BCBO directly then BCBO clerks will just enter booking details using the same website.

Venue owners who wish to use the BARS website must first apply to the BCBO Manager who will investigate the venues and their owner. If both owner and venue/s are acceptable, the manager will register owner details and their venues on the system. Owners will be provided with an initial password for their first login, but will be able to change their password later. Owners can then log on to the system and view bookings for their venues. They will also be able to change venue availability. Owners can still take private bookings for their venue/s but must then update the venue bookings on the BARS website to prevent double-booking. If the venue is booked through the BARS website BARS will take payments and after deducting a small handling charge will transfer the money to the owner's own bank account. If the agent making the booking is the owner no charge is made.

The BARS Maintenance Department needs to be able to get weekly summaries of the BARS venues/facilities required for the week ahead. These should include information about the booking agents since venues/facilities may require specialist equipment for example when bookings come from organisations with disabled members. The venue owners will also expect to be able to see details of bookings made through the BARS website for their own venues. However the BARS Maintenance Department is only interested in venues owned by BARS.

It goes with out saying that all financial transactions must be secure and fully auditable by the BARS accountants. In addition BARS Head Office wish to assess the profitability of the service offered to other owners. So the BCBO Manager will be expected to provide monthly reports about this service. Both Booking agents and venue owners will expect to receive a confirmation email when a booking for a venue is made.

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

The upgraded website should retain the "look and feel & quot of the current website but should also have enhanced accessibility for disabled users and pictures of all venues including a checklist of additional facilities. The new system should be fully operational by the start of the football season in August.

TASK 2 – Requirements Analysis
a. identify and document FOUR stake holders for the BARS system described above. The list may include secondary stakeholders and not just be limited to primary stake holders.
b. Elicit functional requirements via THREE user stories with associated acceptance criteria. Each user story should be for a different stake holder identified in (a) above. The user stories you choose should be critical to the success of the BARS Project and non trivial. Note: login is not acceptable here as a functional requirement

c. Using the blank Volere requirements shells document THREE requirements NOT identified in (b) above
 TWO should be functional requirements
 ONE should be a non-functional requirement

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework

TASK 3 – Analysis and Design – GP2
a. Draw a UML Use Case Diagram for the system to be implemented for BARS. The diagram should use appropriately labelled UML icons, to show:
 the main actors – those human/external systems who will be using the system
 possible use cases
 at least, ONE use case connected to others by & lt &lt include&gt &gt
 at least, ONE use case connected to others by & lt & lt extend & gt & gt
You may use a drawing package to draw the UC Diagram and insert an image in the place provided in RefDef Template.docx or insert a scanned copy of a free hand diagram which must be neat and legible

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

b. Complete the Use Case Description template in RefDef Template.docx for use case: & quot Book a venue & quot;


5COM1053_61 Referred Deferred Cours

TASK 4 – Data Design – GP3
a. Produce an E-R diagram of all the entities required to implement bookings in BARS as described above.

Sample data for the BARS system is provided in "BARS Sample data & quot. This data should be used in BOTH cases when implementing the proto type EITHER as a BARS web-based OR a BARS wireframe proto type.

Note: Owners can own many venues but a venue can only have one owner. A venue can be booked by many agents and an agent can book many venues. So a link entity Booking must be provided which specifies one venue booked by one agent for one date/time. To make processing easier each booking has a unique booking number. No need to include entity attributes on this diagram just the entities and their relationships.

b. Provide a printout of your data dictionary which you should add to your RefDef Template.docx

The DB design is crucial for both types off prototype design You should identify tables and their fields. You should create the table structures and enter the data which has been provided in & quot BARS Sample data" to popuilate your tables. Note that the data in the document might normalised, but your DB tables should be. Make a start on designing the DB for this implementation by completing this task

 IF you intend to do Task 5A implementation using the EasyPHP platform then implement the tables and load the sample data into a MySQL database via phpMyAdmin with in the Easy PHP platform.
 IF you intend to do Task 5B implementation providing a wire frame proto type you may still use EasyPHP as described above to produce your data dictionary OR use an external tool such as MySQL Work bench.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for this task we will NOT check your DB electronically. You ONLY need to include in Ref Def Templates.docx a data dictionary which shows your tables and their fields. These can be a screen shots of your implemented DB.

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework

TASK 5 – BARS Implementation –
Provide a web-based proto type
1 Describe in your own words how object-relational mapping ORM works. Illustrate with specific examples from your web prototype see task A2 for both a one-to-many and many-to many relationship discussing how the frontend objects map to the relational database based on the data model supplied include this in RefDef Template.docx

2.Use the EasyPHP platform a WAMP stack utilising Windows Apache MySQL PHP to implement dynamic screens for BARS.

This entails creating the database use of MySQL can be managed via php My Admin with in EasyPHP and carrying out object-relational mapping (ORM) to tie the backend database to your frontend application. You will need to use both server-side PHP frame work and client-side HTML and CSS technologies. Ensure the proto type includes the sample data which has been provided and any additional data you might need to fully test your system e.g. fictional representative records in tables.

For this part of your submission include a zip of your completed Easy PHP stack from its root and include a .SQL file of your database structure with in php My Admin click the root of your database and choose the export tab. Check the SQL file has both create and insert statements reflecting your data base tables and sample data records. N.B. Choosing this proto type you MUST use the provided platform. You can use additional libraries to enhance us ability such as Bootstrap for styling but must ensure this is integrated with in Easy PHP.

Your system should:
– allow BARS to be used to manage owners, venues and booking agents
– enable an agent to see what venues are available for booking, and if free, make bookings on a specified date/time

You are NOT required to provide code to maintain the financial aspects of this system (such as owner accounts or payment systems). See the UATs for full details of system scope.

5COM1053_61 Referred/Deferred Coursework – UK

TASK 6 – Testing and Evaluation
a. Evidence of testing For your implementation you should carry out testing with evidence. You have been given some sample data which you can use but may need to add some of your own data to fully test your system. A good approach would be to write a test plan before implementing a feature use the UATs to guide you against the expected result implement the feature then carry out the test recording the name of the tester date of test and actual result outcome (pass/fail). You should represent dynamic testing of data.

b. Written evaluation of the proto type
In around 500 -800 words critically evaluate your prototype’s interface by considering THREE of Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics and ONE WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline This evaluation must relate to your prototype and you should provide evidence from your prototype. Include both aspects which demonstrate your implementation and aspects which may need further improvements to meet a heuristic(s) or WCAG constraint.

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