AS1 Critical Review Assignment – UK.

Subject Code :- AS1
Unit Title :- Critical Review
Word Count :- 2000 Words
Guidance: A critical review is an evaluation (Critique) of the Article. A critical review is the summarisation and evaluation of the ideas and information in an article. Reviewing critically means thinking carefully and clearly and taking into consideration both the strengths and weaknesses in the material under review.
AS1 Critical Review Assignment – UK.

AS1 Critical Review Assignment

1. Students are required to read and analyse the article.
2. A description of the article focus should be given, written objectively.This is not using personal opinion. Key issues and themes relevant to the module and assignment learning outcomes should be drawn out for critical discussion.
3.The article should be analysed in the light of legislation, relevant reading and further research studies, not simply personal opinion.
4.The review should be referenced using the University of Northampton Harvard style as recommended in the Study Guide.
5.The review should be presented using font size and line spacing detailed in the guidance and format indicated in the Study Guide.

Some advice :
Before you begin reading, look at the title, as well as the article subheadings, to get an idea of what the author will focus on. You might start forming ideas about what you expect the article will say, and then, as you read, decide whether the article fulfils your expectations, or whether it leaves important questions unanswered.

Read actively.You might want to skim the article first, and then go back and take notes (remember to copy down page numbers!). You’ll have two main purposes in your reading. Your first purpose is to understand the author’s argument (what the author is trying to show, and the steps he or she takes to prove this argument). Your second purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s argument. Make note of anything that’s confusing or unclear.Write down any questions you have (pay particular attention to questions that seem important, but that the author doesn’t address).

AS1 Critical Review Assignment – UK.

AS1 Critical Review Assignment

There’s no specific format for critical reviews (for instance, you might choose to summarize and then evaluate, or you might choose to combine these two aspects),but your essay should include the following components:

Your first paragraph should familiarise your reader with the article you will discuss,mention the article’s title and author/s, and provide a brief overview of the author’s argument. Then give your own argument about the article’s effectiveness. Be specific – give the main reasons for your evaluation of the article. (Your assignment also asks you to place the article within the context of larger issues, your introduction should also mention important connections between the article and these other issues.)

Use this section to familiarise your reader with the author’s argument. Explain the author’s stance on the topic, and the main points he or she makes in order to back up the argument. Describe the author’s conclusions about the topic.

3.Evaluation (Critique) of the Article:
This is the most important section of your essay. Remember, you are not writing about whether you agree with the author or not; rather, it’s your job to decide how effective the author’s argument is. Here are some criteria you can use to decide:

i. Is the writing clear? Does the author’s writing style make his or her argument clear, or does it create unnecessary confusion?
ii. How strong is the author’s argument? Do the author’s main points back up the argument effectively? Is the argument logically organized?
iii. Are there indications of bias? Does the author mention all sides of an issue,or does he or she leave out important counter-arguments? What do you know about the author? Is there anything in the author’s background that might have caused bias?
iv. What are the author’s sources? Are they reliable? Does he or she use predominantly one type of source? Are the author’s sources appropriate to his or her argument?
v. Which aspects of the author’s argument do you find most convincing? Least convincing? *Remember to be specific. For instance, if you feel the author’s writing is unclear, explain why. You might give an example to demonstrate your point to the reader. If you feel the author’s argument is not convincing,provide reasons for your evaluation.

In your conclusion, you will restate the main points of your evaluation (you do not need to restate your summary of the book or article). The conclusion is also an opportunity to give your overall evaluation of the article. You could also offer final comments on such aspects as the article’s contribution to the field, or possibilities for further research.

AS1 Critical Review Assignment – UK.

AS1 Critical Review Assignment

Students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
a) Recognise and interpret the complex and individual nature of special educational needs and disabilities within society.
c) Investigate the professional and individual implications for meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities.
d) Evaluate practice and policy related to the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities in a range of contexts.
e) Apply knowledge of early childhood to identify various changing perspectives related to the inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

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