BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes:
1.Demonstrate a critical understanding of the cellular and molecular biology techniques including genomics, proteomics, nanotechnology and protein engineering.
2.Collate and independently evaluate significant volumes of scientific data, information and ideas to propose new hypotheses which could form the basis of new research projects; create original responses to problems that expand or redefine existing knowledge or develop new approaches to changing situations. Evidence independent, self-directed learning and originality in problem solving when completing assignments
BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will carry out two practicals on DNA manipulation:
1.In the first session you will perform plasmid purification and PCR amplification of a fragment of DNA.
2.In the second session you will digest the plasmid DNA by using restriction enzymes followed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

In this assessment you are required to submit a report based on the two practical classes during which you carried out experiments on ‘Manipulation of DNA’. You have to submit your report by 10 am on Friday, 13 November 2020.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass the assessment you will need to:

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to generate, analyse and present laboratory data obtained from a practical exercise in the area of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Produce a written report in the form of a scientific paper that discusses and provides critical analysis of the results of the practical sessions according to expectations described in the assignment brief

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
The purpose of this scientific report is to communicate your research and findings effectively.

The report should address the three points raised in the practical worksheet.

The report should contain five sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and References. Each section should be clearly labeled. Clarity of English language and presentation is essential throughout.

BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment

Introduction: This section should provide a background to the experiment as you understand it and why you have performed this particular experiment (besides it being compulsory for your course!). You should include references in this section, perhaps from text books available in the library but more likely from journal research articles. Provide a succinct description of the purpose of your experiment.

Materials & Methods: For this practical report you can summarise the methods used in the style of a journal article and write ‘as outlined in practical notes. Reference as, Manipulation of DNA, Notes, University of Bed ford shire BHS001-6. You should include information regarding any changes (intentional or unintentional) that were made to the provided protocol.

Results: This section will include a description of the results of the PCR and restriction enzyme digest as seen by agarose gel electrophoresis, including an annotated image of the gel and a figure legend. Your results section should include a description of the results, referring to the tables/figures as necessary, not just the raw data. See journal articles for guidance as to how results can be described. Do not interpret the meaning of findings in this section.

Discussion: This is an explanation of the meaning and value of your research findings and where appropriate, this should be related to the current scientific literature, which you cite in the relevant places. Briefly explain the rationale behind the methodology and identify any potential weaknesses with the experimental design and/or with the way in which the laboratory work was carried out.

References: Refer to text books and research journals that you can find in the library or through the LRC electronic resources The reference list and the in-text citations, must be formatted according to the UoB Harvard style,

It is better to reference the articles from peer reviewed journals. You will get more credit for using journal articles. If you use an internet source, it must be from a university or medical web site and it should be authored, not from Wikipedia or other sites with unknown authors. Please ensure that your references relate to the relevant documents and their authors/publishers etc., NOT just the place where you found them.

The completed report should include your student number, unit code and assessment number, and should be submitted via BREO by the deadline mentioned above. Failure to submit your report to BREO by the deadline or non-attendance at the laboratory practicals without approval from the mitigation team will result in a FAIL grade.

Support for this assessment is given through the briefing before the start of the practical, which will outline what will be done during the practical. A background / briefing document as well as additional supporting information, for further research, will be available through BREO. A tutorial session will provide specific guidance on data analysis and report preparation. During the lab sessions, further individual support will be available from the academic and technical support staff.

General writing and MS Word support is available centrally through PAD. Support for literature searching and use of LRC resources is supported on an individual basis by the departmental librarian, Janine Bhandol Janine.

BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

BHS001-6 Cell & Molecular Biology Assignment

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment will document the findings of the two laboratory-based practicals and will communicate their significance. The assessment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate a sound understanding and knowledge of the principles of restriction digestion, DNA purification, gel electrophoresis and PCR, covered in the relevant lectures of the unit.

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