BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & code BHS006-2
Assignment number and title Assessment 1 referral: Cell Pathology
Assignment type Lab Report
Weighting of assignment 25%
Size or length of assessment 1500 words
Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate understanding of fundamental pathological processes and apply knowledge of laboratory pathology techniques to analysis of cell and tissue function in biological samples.
BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
The referral assessment is not a repeat of the original assessment. However it covers the same learning outcomes as the original practical- based assessment and you will be required to explain the process of H&E staining as well as demonstrate practical skills and relevant understanding. You use be allocated a fresh case study to analyze to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. The data link for the case study that you are allocated will be emailed to you.

You will produce a concise and comprehensive report, related to the skills and knowledge relevant to practical pathology skills and evaluate the role of pathology in the clinical management of disease.

The practical is in a single part to be completed using online materials:
 Microscopy & Histology

 Demonstrate understanding of staining process
 Experience in diagrammatic drawing from microscope images used for histology
 Development of histological understanding of tissue and identification of components

The format and contents for the report are as follows:

Briefly explain the purpose of histological staining and its use in pathology. Explain how H&E stain works to provide contrast to samples.

BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment

Methods: Describe the process of H&E staining, explaining the purpose of the steps, and why they are being done, NOT each step as a protocol.

Results: You will be given a reference for images from the US online cancer database. You will examine a pathological sample that has been stained and identify areas of normal and diseased tissue.

Select at least 2 areas of from the images available and copy images that allow you to highlight both normal and diseased structures of tissues.

Draw diagrammatic versions of at least one of each type of your images. You may use more than one image of each type of tissue in your report, but only one diagrammatic drawing of each tissue type is required. You should show and label expected structures – eg alveolar structure, vascular endothelial structure, as explained in the supporting information and videos.

The digital images are of a known pathological sample and you should interpret / stage the disease based on these images.

Explain the characteristics of the pathology of the disease and how progression and prognosis can be determined from a histological

Use at least 2 references discussing the disease to justify your assessment

skills What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
Produce a scientific report according to expectations described in the assignment brief.
Demonstrate understanding of relevant laboratory pathology techniques in the report.
Relate a relevant pathology test to the clinical management of disease in the report.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
This assessment expects you to both demonstrate practical skills in understanding the preparation of samples and drawing. You will be
assessed on your ability to produce clear drawings of good quality and appropriately labelled pictures that demonstrate the expected knowledge and understanding of the histology of the samples and the pathological processes taking place in the disease.

You will be expected to examine images and relate these to the staging and progression of the disease evidenced and relate this to appropriate literature, demonstrating skills in researching and understanding relevant material

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment is directly related to the course content in both practice and theory of histopathology. It involves translating knowledge and theory of commonly used techniques of light microscopy, samples preparation and H&E staining taught in in the lectures to its practical application in histopathological examination of samples.

BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

BHS006-2 Referral: Cell Pathology Assignment

You will be asked to explain the staining process and examine images of tissue samples and relate these to the histopathological effects of disease on tissue. This will involve knowledge of the appearance of both normal and diseases samples and the effects of disease upon tissue. This will be based upon knowledge and understanding of pathological processes covered within the lectures and workshops along with further self-directed research to reinforce and develop understanding.

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