BHS029-2 Interpretation And Presentation of Forensic Evidence Assignment – UK.

Unit title & code :- BHS029-2 Interpretation and Presentation of Forensic Evidence
Assignment number and title :- Assignment 2: Expert Witness Testimony – Referral
Assignment type :- Statement with Casework Forms, and Court Presentation
Weighting of assignment :- 60%
Size or length of assessment :- 1500 words (as a guide when using the statement template).
BHS029-2 Interpretation And Presentation of Forensic Evidence Assignment – UK.

BHS029-2 Interpretation And Presentation of Forensic Evidence Assignment

Unit learning outcomes :-
1.Basic understanding of the use of the CAI model in forensic science evaluation of scientific data within a forensic context and an awareness of the court system.
2.Demonstrate a basic ability to construct appropriate alternative propositions based on the CAI model evaluate given data and communicate results.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will evaluate a set of scientific data which you will apply to a case scenario in order to produce an Expert Witness statement which you will defend in a mock Court setting.

In addition to your Expert Witness statement, you will need to submit the Enquiry Form and Submission Form.

Although the casework forms will not be directly marked, they must be submitted as they will be cross-referenced against your statement and used during the Court assessment.

Additional details for this assignment will be given in an extra set of notes.

If you have previously completed this assessment, then please use the feedback provided along with further guidance from your tutor to improve your work.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass this Assessment, you will need to:

1.Formulate appropriate propositions and utilise likelihood ratio calculations to evaluate data.
2.Show basic ability to relate findings to the given case scenario.
3.Explain your findings in a way that can be understood by the Court.

A G/0 grade/mark will be awarded if you fail to submit your report by the deadline or fail to attend the Court session without mitigation.

If you have previously completed this assessment, be sure to use the feedback provided to help improve your work. All students should follow the guidance below.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

Important: If you are repeating this work you must select a different evidence type. For example if your Assignment focused on fibres last time you cannot select fibres again.

In order to achieve a good grade you need to complete the following:

1.Data Evaluation
For this section you will be given a set of data which will need to evaluate.
You will construct propositions for your events of interest (according to the hierarchy of propositions) and determine the relevant probabilities for the Prosecution and Defence propositions, before calculating the likelihood ratios for each of those events.

You will then select the most appropriate event in relation to the case scenario and interpret the likelihood ratio using a verbal scale. This will form the basis of your Expert Witness statement.

The data including your calculations (showing full workings) will be added to the Appendix section of the Witness Statement.

2.Witness Statement
You will be given a specific Witness Statement template which you will have to complete. The headers will be provided in the template and you must complete all sections. Your writing should be clear and concise providing only relevant information and findings which can be understood by a lay audience avoid scientific terminology. The level of English and grammar should be high check carefully for errors and proof read before submission. You must keep the tone appropriate through out but note that you are permitted to write in the first person e.g. I received the exhibit on or in my opinion You must provide your signature and date in the appropriate sections and cross through any unused spaces. This section is worth 30% of the overall grade.

3.Court Presentation
You will need to be dressed smartly, and behave in a respectful and helpful manner at all times.
Your responses must be clear and unambiguous, and easily understood by a lay audience.
Avoid unnecessary gesticulations and maintain correct eye contact through out.
Answers should be given within the remit of expertise and demonstrate an awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the forensic practitioner as an Expert Witness and the effective presentation and interpretation of evidence.

BHS029-2 Interpretation And Presentation of Forensic Evidence Assignment – UK.

BHS029-2 Interpretation And Presentation of Forensic Evidence Assignment

Please note: Further guidance and support is available in the ‘Prepare for Your Assignment’ session.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
This assignment consolidates the material given in lectures about Bayesian Theory the CAI model, the CJS and presenting expert witness evidence.

The assignment improves employ ability by giving experience of the assessment of scientific data using CAI and the development of various presentation skills in a professional forensic science environment.

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