BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment – Buckinghamshire New University UK.

Module code and Title : BM633 Strategic Agility
Assignment No. and type : CW1: Consultants strategic report and recommendations for Oak Tree Inn (case study).
Assessment weighting : 100%
Target feedback time and date: 3 wks
BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment – Buckinghamshire New University UK.

BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment

Assignment task :-
You are a recent graduate who has just started work at Mc Kinsey, a consultancy, as a junior business management consultant. Your team leader has assigned you to a client engagement,(consultant speak for ‘a project’), to assist an SME firm in the hospitality and leisure sector based in Scotland to create some strategic options for the firm. Mc Kinsey has already asked the client for some key information in order to assess the situation and this material is being provided to you in the separate notes provided.

The Directors of Oak Tree Inn have engaged you to write a management strategy report that analyses and assess Oak Tree Inn’s business situation taking into consideration internal, external and competitive factors. You are to produce two strategic options for the Directors and management team to consider and select one as your preferred strategy for the firm to adopt. The firm requires you to;

A. Provide a brief overview of the firm and its activities providing pertinent data and information drawn from reputable sources. Areas to consider include competitors, financial data, their values and most pressing issues. It is recommended that you write no more than 450 words in this section.

B. Present a SWOT table as a summary of Oak Tree Inns’ internal and external environment. To do this, external environment models such as PESTEL and Five Forces, should be applied and presented in the appendices. The key issues from these models should be summarised using coding, in the ‘O – Opportunities’ and ‘T – Threats’ section of the SWOT table in the main body of the paper Internal models such as VRIO, BCG, Value Chain, Business Canvas etc should then be applied in the appendices and the key issues from these models should be summarised using coding in
the ‘S – Strengths’ and ‘W – Weaknesses’ section of the SWOT table in the main body of the paper

An approx. 400 word summary of your analysis should follow the SWOT table

BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment – Buckinghamshire New University UK.

BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment

C. Following logically from your previous analysis and using your research as rationale,create and critically assess TWO potential strategic options from your SWOT analysis that will mitigate threats, exploit opportunities and strengths as well as play to the firm’s competitive advantage and strategic capabilities. These should be detailed strategic choices, and not just broad suggestions. To do this, provide specific information and detail such as how, where,costings etc with as much reference to research to support your strategic choices. It is recommended that you write no more than 750 words in this section.

D. Critically evaluate the two strategic choices generated from the research and analysis through the application of theories one of which must be a SAFe analysis which should be included in the main body of the paper. From the two strategies generated you are to make one recommendation for your preferred strategy that will convince the Directors of Oak Tree Inn ensuring you refer to previous evidence, analysis and evaluation within your work as part of your rationale. It is recommended that you write no more than 400 words in this section following the presentation of the SAFe model.

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO 1 Analyse the external environment of an organisation and justify critical opportunities and threats appropriate to that organisation;
LO 2 Analyse the strategic capability of an organisation and justify critical strengths and weaknesses linked to competitive advantage;
LO 3 Develop suitable strategic choices for an organisation;
LO 4 Evaluate strategic choices for an organisation, referring back to previous analysis in 1 and 2.
LO 5 Recommend and justify an appropriate strategic choice for an organisation.

Task requirements :
Further Support

1.This assessment takes the format of a 2,000 word, maximum of 16 pages from introduction to recommendation, professionally produced report that would be suitable for use in the boardroom of a FTSE100 company. You are to complete the task set. The report must apply models and theoretical concepts and be supported by evidence, with references, from reputable sources throughout. From your analysis and evaluation you are to present TWO strategic options for consideration by the board of the chosen firm. You will analyse the two strategic options and build
an evidence-based argument for both using the SAFe framework before making your recommendation for one of the two strategies proposed.

2.The case study materials will be provided for you via the module Blackboard shell and these should be used to aid you in the completion of your task. You should also refer to contemporary data sources as well as market data insight from sources such as Mintel and other such reputable sources.

BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment – Buckinghamshire New University UK.

BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment

3. Front cover, executive summary, contents page, reference pages and appendices are NOT included in either the page count or the word count that have been allocated. Words used in tables, charts, diagrams are also NOT included in the word count. Note we do not expect to see any Wikipedia, Invest opedia, Business Balls, Slide Share, and Essays 4 U, Term Papers or other spurious non-academic non-reputable sources within your work or in the reference list. Font size
should be 11 with single line spacing. Reference list should be presented in the Harvard format along with in text referencing and there is a maximum of 4 pages allocated to appendices should you need them.

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