CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment-UK

McLoone-Richards C. & Robinson, C. (2020). ‘I know I am just a student but.’ the challenges for educators in supporting students to develop their advocacy skills in protecting children, Early Years, DOI:
CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment-UK

CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment

Sakr, M. & Oscar, A. (2020). Stretchy time or screen time: how early years practitioners conceptualise time in relation to children’s digital play, Early Years, DOI:

Key points
 Please note that you are critically reviewing the way that the research articles have been methodologically designed and conducted, not the topic of the article.
 Ensure that your review is critical – i.e. it discusses and evaluates as well as describes the article. It is important for you to ask why? when you are
examining the articles.
 You must engage with appropriate Research methodology texts from
Education and Social Sciences to support you with critically reviewing these
articles for your essay.

Suggested essay structure

What are the research articles about and how you are going to review them? (brief)

Main body
Compare and contrast by evaluating the following sections of each article:

CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment-UK

CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment

Introduction and literature review

  • How was the rationale for the topic within each article justified? Were there clear aims and research’s question?
  • Did authors identify gaps in research?
  • Was there a clear purpose for the research within each article?
  • Was relevant literature sourced? Was it up to date? How reliable/trustworthy were the sources?
  • Did authors draw upon any theory in relation to the topics?


  • Were the author’s methodological decisions clearly explained?
  • What approach was taken (qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods) in each of the articles?
  • Who were the participants? How were they recruited?
  • Were the data collection instruments appropriate for the topics? What were their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Were ethical issues considered?

Findings and discussion

  • How well was the data analysed and presented?
  • Did the authors answer their research questions?
  • Were findings linked back to theory and existing research?
CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment

CE275-Researching Early Childhood Assignment-UK

Recommendations for policy and practice

  • Was new knowledge generated?
  • How did the authors reflect on their findings?
  • Did the authors provide reasonable recommendations for policy and practice?
  • How might findings be translated to early years settings in the UK?
  • Were any limitations of the research identified?
  • Are there any gaps in their conclusions?

Briefly summarise your overall view on the quality of the articles.

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