CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & code CIS022
Assignment number and title Assessment 1 – Adept Fighting Fitness
Assessment type WR
Weighting of assessment 30%
Unit learning outcomes:1.Evaluate the principles of wireless networking including those factors that limit the use of wireless technologies for specific applications.
2.Critically analyse technologies used in modern wireless networking environment leading to creative and realistic solutions to practical wireless networking problems.
CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
The Task
Write a report on the requested contents as explained below. Make sure to address every requirement.

A report presenting your findings about your chosen wireless and network communication solutions for the scenario and practical simulation and configuration of the proposed network design.

  • Throughout the report you should critically analyse technologies used in modern wireless networking environments leading to creative and realistic solutions to practical wireless networking problems and examine and evaluate the principles of wireless networking including those factors that limit the use of wireless technologies for specific applications.
  • Every page should have a footer with the page number and the total number of pages.
  • Your name and student ID must be shown clearly on the top of all pages of your submitted report.
  • You must also submit a Packet tracer file of your configured network design.

You will need to submit your report to BREO before the deadline.

If you have appropriate reasons to request an extension due to mitigating circumstances, you must apply BEFORE the deadline.

Adept Fighting Fitness is a medium sized fitness and personal training enterprise who deliver a range of sport, dance and martial-arts
training to adults and children. During the COVID lockdown, the Adept Fighting Fitness instructors had to temporarily close the premises and move most of their sessions online. There are a number of problems they wish to solve, and they have come to you as a consultant to help them with their
communication and networking needs.

Problem 1 – Online Classes
A man deep, the senior trainer and owner of AFF, runs at least 3 different hour-long online classes a day, sometimes with adults but often with children. He has a database with all the contact details of the fitness members on his laptop which he uses to email out the Zoom video-conferencing meeting details every day.

Currently he has a wireless network at his home with the default configuration settings that came from his ISP and a router (he doesn’t
know if he is using 802.11n or 802.11ac). Two or three times a week he takes his laptop and works from the AFF recreational center office but other times he remote logs into the office from home.

A man deep sometimes suffers from issues such as low quality or lag and he has the session completely drop out on his in the middle of his class before. Things have improved since he found a cable and plugged his laptop directly into his router.

CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment

A man deep doesn’t want to be stuck in the living room ‘near to his router’, he’s looking for way to upgrade his home network for better signal strength and reliability, to let him conduct his class from all over his house and potentially his garden (in the summer months). Here is a rough plan of his home. The 50ft garden is to the west (top of the picture) and the point-of-presence and current position of the router is inside the small hallway on the ground floor.

Problem 2 – Fitness Centre Wireless Design and Configuration
Adept Fighting Fitness recently bought a recreational centre, which A man deep intends to use as his main training hall/s when in person training resumes. He wants to take this opportunity to install a network in the building for his own office use and for people to use in the Public/Core area whilst their families are training. Classes will take place in the Fitness Centre and Instruction room and the office will be in the Tenant Usable space.

A man deep also wants to utilize the Internet of Things to automate certain things within the fitness centre (such as the lights automatically turning on and off when someone enters and leaves a room), the temperature adjusting automatically and the showers turning off after a certain length of time, perhaps even an RFID gated lock. He has a budget of £10,000 for this work.

As a network and systems design consultant, it’s your job to professionally and realistically best advise him on how to utilise networking and wireless technologies for the following considerations:

 Performance
 Security
 Redundancy and fault tolerance
 Scalability
 Budget

Section 1 – Network Design Report – 50% – to be completed independently – Recommended word count 1500 words (maximum 2500)

Home Network Improvements:
Explain to A man deep at AFF why he is having some of the issues with his home online classes that he is experiencing. Research and evaluate if the main network within A man deep’s home should be a wired or wireless solution (or a combination of both). Give recommendations as to what technologies and standards could be used where and why. You may draw on the diagram if it helps.

Fitness Centre Network Design:
Make some basic recommendations to AFF as to what the network within the new fitness centre should look like and how it might be designed and configured. You are expected to cover such points as: wired or wireless, standards, estimated number of APs, potential placements of APs, the need (or not) for a site survey, encryption standards and recommendations, the use of a WAP controller, connectivity from home office to recreational centre office and to remote working, paying particular attention to the types of data and users Adept Fighting Fitness might have.

Wireless Security:
Write a business case for AFF outlining some of the security issues they might have with their wireless networks and how those issues can be mitigated. Does allowing guests to bring in their own devices and introducing the Internet of Things devices to the network/s raise any
further security concerns?

Section 2 – 50% – Network Design Demo – Practical – to be completed independently
The practical components of this activity may be done showing configuration on real devices and/or simulation using a suitable tool – such
as Packet Tracer. You would need to include screenshots showing/proving connectivity and sh running-configuration files of any configured devices (such as routers and switches).To practice and test the configuration of Adept Fighting Fitness networks you are asked to present your network design in the form of a Packet Tracer simulation. You must provide evidence (in the form of screenshots) of key stages throughout the labs – such as connectivity evidence etc.

You may adapt/use the following packet tracer activities (13.1.10, 13.2.7, 13.3.12) to provide help and the layout for this section and/or a sample layout of the home and fitness centre environment may be provided for you to work with and modify. It is suggested that you have a screenshot for each of the bullet point objectives.

Activity – Configure a Home Network

• Connect to a wireless router
• Configure the wireless router
• Connect a wired device to the wireless router
• Connect a wireless device to the wireless router
• Add an AP to the network to extend wireless coverage
• Update default router settings

Activity – Configure a Basic WLAN on a Wireless LAN Controller for a Business Enterprise

• Connect to a wireless LAN controller GUI.
• Configure a WLAN on a wireless LAN controller.
 Extend the network as needed adding APs
• Implement security on a WLAN.
• Configure a wireless host to connect to a wireless business LAN.

Activity – Testing and connectivity demonstration
Activity – Adding IoT devices

Is there a size limit?

Suggested Structure

  • Your report must have an “Abstract” (of up to 150 words) on the front cover page of your report (to summarize the main points of your report), followed by a Table-of-Contents page (with clear section/subsection headings and page numbers) to show the structure of your report.
  • Introduction and Network Design (Section 1) should be included presenting and evaluating your proposed network design solutions.
  • Methodology and Results (Section 2) should include the evidence of your Network Design Simulation and Configuration – including screenshots of packet tracer, proof of testing and connectivity.
  • Discussion and Conclusion – a summary of your main recommendations and findings and critical evaluation of your own work.
  • References (should include a range of contemporary resources cited in Harvard referencing style).
  • Appendices – including a full listing of running configurations from switches and routers etc.
  • You must submit your report AND your packet tracer file

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass Assessment 1 you will need to:

  • Be able to design a basic wireless communication and networking component using a simulation tool.
  • Justify your design choice and demonstrate understanding of the design choice for developing certain components of a wireless networking system for a given scenario.
CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment

CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
See the attached grading rubric.
Marks will be lost for poor presentation and for the use of materials with incorrect or missing references.
A submission is unlikely to attract an excellent grade unless the following criteria are met.

1.You must provide evidence that the work is done by yourself, that references and quotations are given in the standard manner and that your report shows clear discussion and documentation.
2.Your report should be logically well structured and clearly written/presented.
3.Clear demonstration of understanding of the material presented in the literature.
4.Critically evaluate your selected technique with a clear discussion on all key technologies involved. This should come along with an excellent identification and analysis on the advantages and limitations of your chosen wireless technique.
5.A well-designed network with related simulations submitted.

How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
In the first assessment, the students will be asked to research and report on different types of wireless technologies for a given scenario and also design and test wireless network features (such as configuration of a wireless controller for a WLAN and an investigation of modulation/transmission differences) in simulation tools such as Matlab and Packet Tracer and submit a business report of the development and implementation.

CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

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