List of Top 10 Universities in the UK

For studying anywhere in the world, the UK is the best destination. From their school years, students started dreaming about studying in the UK and most of the students are lucky who get their admission into the top universities in the UK.

List of Top 10 Universities in the UK

If you have dreamed about studying in the UK, then this blog is sure for you. There are more than 90 universities in the UK that have entered the QS World University Rankings 2021. Among the top 10 universities, four UK universities are already ranked. In the UK by 2021, the analysis suggests that Oxford University is the top university. It is ranked 5th among the best universities in the world.

Another university in the UK that is on the list of top universities is Cambridge University, which is ranked 7th by 2021.


A detailed list of top universities in the UK is as follows:

1. The University of Oxford:  one among the earliest and biggest universities within the UK is the University of Oxford.  Due to its high scores in various measures, the university ranks first in the UK. This is always the first choice for students who dream of studying in the UK, as the university has a high faculty-student ratio.

2. The University of Cambridge: one more famous university in the UK is the University of Cambridge. It is in seventh place. But in terms of education quality, Cambridge is the best university in the UK. Due to this students always want to take admission to the present world-renowned university.

3. Imperial College of London: one more best university and taking 3rd place is Imperial College London. With its academic excellence and the best infrastructure in the country, the college is known for that.

4. University College London: on the fourth position best university in the UK is University College London also known as UCL. It has different programs to match the interests of the students, therefore this university is extremely recommended for the students.

5. University of Edinburgh: on the fifth position best university in the UK is the University of Edinburgh. It is listed in the top educational institution which is a Scottish educational institution in the country. In this university, the students get jobs even before they have graduated because; the university has tie-ups with the best companies in the world.

6. University of Manchester: one more central university in the UK is the University of Manchester. It is a highly recommended university among employers. The companies like Manchester graduate because of the student’s skills.

7. King’s College London: it is in the seventh position and the best college in the UK.  The college is known for the best of all, including the university’s reputation and employer attachments.

8. London School of Economics & political science: In the list of the top 10, it is the first university in the UK. For students who want to study economics and political science; it is a preferred college for international students.

9. The University of Bristol: most of the popular colleges in the UK is the University of Bristol. This is determined by its best faculty, educational facilities and world-class infrastructure.

10. The University of Warwick: at the last in the list is the University of Warwick, which has ranked on 62nd position in the world. The vision of being the best institution in the world is the success of the university.

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