MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

Subject Code & Title :-  MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Resit coursework requirements
If you have been offered a resit a resit brief will be uploaded and you will need to rework to the new brief and submit your work by the deadline:
Inclusive Support Plan (ISP) extensions of up to 3 weeks are applicable to the assignment in this module.
If you have an Inclusive Support Plan you can check the full details of the adjustments including whether you have coursework extensions in How ever the final submission date for resits in semester
MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment

Do pay close attention to the assignment feedback you have already received both with in the text of your essay and the overall comments provided. This will help you not to repeat the mistakes or omissions in your first submission. It is vital that you complete all parts of the essay. The biggest issues were 1) lack of CB theory and frameworks, 2) limited, or no substantiation through data and credible references for both covid context and theory application and 3 incomplete essays typically missing theory future insight and/or marketing recommendations).

You will find the resit question on p.2. of this document followed by the assignment guidance provided to you for your first submission which remains applicable to this resit assignment. Please follow it very carefully.

Individual RESIT Assignment (100%): Essay Submission: 3000 Words

Learning Outcomes Assessed 1,2,3 and 4.

1.Critically under stand the connectivity between marketing and consumption customers & customer behaviour.

2.Assess and appraise customer behaviour theories and concepts from a critical perspective.

3.Apply this critical evaluation of customer behaviour theory to the creation of strategic and responsible marketing practice.

4) Critically investigate research evidence, theories and practice to evaluate change agents predicted to significantly influence the behaviours of customers and event participants in the future.

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

Your task is to write an essay that addresses the following question in 3000 words:

How has consumer behaviour changed due to covid19? How is this going to impact marketing in the future?

You MUST choose a DIFFERENT theory to the one you used in your first submission (please note we have checked and listed the original theory you used so please comply with this instruction.

In addressing the above question you are advised to make the following choices:
1) Choose ONE industry/sector to focus on (e.g. Electric cars, Luxury hotels, Budget airlines Chocolates Mineral water Taxis Sustainable clothing etc. You do not need to choose from any of these examples. You can choose any pertinent industry/sector for your essay).

2) Choose ONE country to investigate.

3) Choose ONE CB theory relevant to your investigation (e.g. any of the Decision Making Models Theory of Planned Behaviour Technology Acceptance Model etc. You do not need to choose one of these theory examples. You can choose any pertinent CB theory for your essay.
Remember you must choose an alternative theory to the one you used in your first submission.

Once you make the above choices you are required to carefully investigate research evidence from academic articles news from legitimate sources, industry reports etc. to critically analyse how consumer behaviour has changed in response to covid19. To aid you in your academic narrative you must choose a model to structure this discussion as academic models provide a frame work to direct your investigation of consumer behaviour. If there are many ways in which consumer behaviour has changed you may focus on 2-3 aspects of consumer behaviour that have changed and consequently only focus on relevant parts of the model to structure your essay to give you a narrower focus.

Following your investigation you are required to offer insight on how marketing to consumers in your industry and country will need to be adapted for the future in light of your identified evidence.

Carefully read through the feedback you have received noting your mistakes and/or omissions and the strengths of your original essay. This will help you to build on what you did well and begin to remedy the weaknesses in your paper. You are strongly advised to follow the suggested structure outlined within the guidelines below to ensure your essay is complete.

What is this question asking you to do?
You need to evaluate how Covid19 is transforming the behaviour of consumers and consequently how marketing will need to adapt its interactions with its existing and prospective consumers in the future. You should include an account of your transforming/transformed behaviour.

Concentrate on ONE industry/sector and ONE country. This is because there will be industry sector and country differences and it will be too difficult for you to include these differences within your essay.

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

Your paper must use ONE relevant academic CB theory to structure and present your analysis. You should justify the use of the theory chosen very briefly and then focus on critically evaluating it with in the context of your paper (see guidelines below for further info).

For the future we recommend you focus on a 5-10 year time-period. How ever you may look further into the future if relevant to your industry/sector.

To address this question you will need to review current evidence and ideas future predictions from experts in order to identify the impact of Covid19 on consumer behaviour. You will then need to evaluate the existing scholarship available appraising it against the expert future predictions evidence you have assimilated.

In your conclusion you must build on your prior argument in your paper do not just summarise to evaluate how marketing will need to evolve in the next 5 years. Additionally you must give recommendations to marketing practitioners on the adaptations to their thinking and practice that they will need to implement.

To support the development of your essay, you are predominantly expected to use the university data bases to find and utilise published resources, e.g. academic research articles in addition to your own investigation of news articles industry sources etc.

Guidelines :-
You should draw on a good range of high quality academic and expert opinion sources to construct solid arguments for your paper. You are expected to use relevant examples and data to support your claims. Ensure that all sources of information are fully referenced.

You are required to write a critique of transforming/transformed consumer behaviour informed by contextual information evidence and relevant theory. Your critique will involve you assessing varied data ideas and scholarship from varied sources be adventurous in your searching but note the advice you have been given on reputable sources.

You must focus on one area of theory in your essay This will really help you to develop a stronger critical appraisal to show your understanding and critical thinking.

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

You must choose only one country With in this country try to analyse your chosen CB
transformation broadly and briefly Then narrow down again to your chosen sector industry and again articulate this transformation You now have an explanation that is country and sector specific Now that you have this foundation you can begin to build your academic arguments by integrating your chosen theory. Continuously apply and evaluate your theory to your country and sector other wise your context and theory risk being dis connected. Lastly extrapolate your conclusions to a 5-year future and give re commendations to marketing practitioners.

You must ensure the evidence you use to compile your paper relates to your choices (i.e. do not use American evidence to discuss China!. Preliminary reading will help you to make your choices. What ever you choose to do, ensure you present your argument for your choices at the start of your paper and justify them.

Assemble the evidence for your arguments, avoid unsubstantiated statements and bias – this is an objective investigation. It is essential that you critique your chosen theory and evidence do not just describe it evaluate the contribution it makes to our understanding of transforming/transformed consumer behaviour and how marketing to consumers as customers or event participants will evolve as a result in the future.

Suggested Format
Below is a suggested format to develop your essay which mimics the marking criteria listed in the table below. If you wish to depart from the suggested format please discuss this with your seminar leader.

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment

Part 1: Introduction : Introduce your choice of industry and country and give a brief account of when and in what way did covid start impacting consumer behaviour.

Part 2: Evaluation and application of theoretical framework : Using your choice of theoretical frame work structure the body of your assignment carefully discussing current consumer behaviour in your chosen industry and country. If there are too many ways in which Covid19 is impacting consumer behaviour we suggest focussing on a maximum of up to 4 issues to investigate and present using your theoretical frame work.

MARK7013 Understanding Consumer Behaviour Assignment – UK

Part 3: The future : In this section please do not simply summarise and repeat what you discussed in your essay but discuss how consumer behaviour will change in relation to the identified issues. Specifically discuss if consumer behaviour will go back to how it was pre-covid whether it will stay the same or transform in the future. Make sure your discussion of the future is connected and builds upon what you have stated in the body and is backed by evidence.

Part 4: Recommendations to marketing :-
This is where you get to be creative! Tell us based on your analysis in part 1,2 and 3 what are your recommendations to marketing? What will they need to do to adapt to this changing behaviour? Please make sure these recommendations are congruent to your identified issues. You DO NOT need to create a marketing plan here just tell us what the proposed marketing solutions to the issues identified are and justify them with appropriate reasoning.

Please note: Part 1 2 and 3 need to be fully and extensively referenced while Part 4 doesn’t need to have references. The use of subheadings to break up the essay is OK how ever please ensure you don’t have too many as you risk hyper-fragmenting your essay which may hamper the flow of discussion and subsequent analysis.

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