MCGE2021 Management Consultancy In A Global Environment – UK.

Subject Code :- MCGE2021
Subject Title : Management Consultancy In A Global Environment
Assessment Type : Assignment
MCGE2021 Management Consultancy In A Global Environment- UK.

MCGE2021 Management Consultancy In A Global Environment

Instruction for the coursework :-
The first thing to do is read the case study in the next section carefully!! For any questions or clarifications,
do not hesitate to contact the teaching team at:

When sending us an email, please add MCGE 2021_[Your Group] in the email subject, for example, MCGE
2021_Group E.

The student must produce a document containing the consultancy plan, which is a description of the
consultancy approach to resolving the business problem(s) identified. The deliverable is a 2500 words

The student will create a hypothetical background for Company A (e.g. the Company A is going to expand
its business opening branches, so increasing the fixed cost of X% in the next year) or add (invent) data for
creating specific market conditions. An example could be assuming a solid market recovery after a period of crisis like the one we will have after the pandemic. No more than two clearly stated assumptions are
allowed, and they must not change the nature of the business case.

The structure of the expected report, along with the weight to the final mark, are reported here:

The recommended structure of the coursework :-
Description of the firm context and summary of the business problems

The consultancy Strategy
Type of consultancy model
Scopes and targets

Self-reflection report

In details:

Section :-
Description of the firm context and summary of the business problems (hypothetical scenario)

Content :-
1.Summary of the business context/history organisation. E.g. Company A has increased business during the last two years.The increments have been constant,manifesting the excellent work by the management.

2.Assumptions made and additional data created have to be presented here.E.g. the Company A is going to expand its business opening branches, so increasing the fixed cost of X% in the next year

3.Summary of business needs. E.g. The Company contacted us (the consultancy company) to solve the
problem X. We believe the problem is related to Y and Z. We describe in the next section how to act to manage the situation

Section :-
The consultancy Strategy

Content :-
I.Type of consultancy model (10%).Introduce and justify the consultancy methods chosen. Stress the reasons for such a choice. The decision is made between:
o Expert Consultancy
o Process Consultancy planning

II.Resources (10%).
o Describe and critically justify the resources needed to perform the consultancy. The usage and the links with the business problems have to be precise.
3.Human resources:

III.From the Client

IV.From – your – consultancy company/team

o Define the team you will work with. E.g. 1 x Senior Manager +1 x Manager + Client’s staff.
Assess the reasons for the choice. Mention the skills and the type of work done. A table of costs from the staff used has to be included.

V. Timeline
o Make a realistic timeline for the project. Present it with details and with links to the objectives. (e.g. Gantt chart)
o Mention the schedule of the Client’s meetings. Define the content of such meetings, link them with the deliverables.

MCGE2021 Management Consultancy In A Global Environment – UK.

MCGE2021 Management Consultancy In A Global Environment

VI.Scopes and Targets
o Critically describe what is on scope in the consultancy engagement. Describe what the consultants want to find out by applying the plan. E.g., state clearly and logically the reasons for employing the selected resources and methods rather than comparable others. Explicitly inform about the appropriateness to the
o Identify the indexes /measurable objects to assess the results achievable with the consultancy.

VII. Deliverables and Risks
o Make clear the deliverable is with explicit linkage to the Client’s problems and context.
o The risks of the engagement have to be critically discussed.The document has to contain ways to manage these risks. Show the consultants’ capacity of seeing the potential criticisms and manage them.

Conclusion :-
A.Decide and describe how the consultants will step out of the Client’s firm. Address questions like:
o How will the engagement be concluded? E.g. Conclusive meetings or handovers should be mentioned.
o What will the client measure to monitor the impact of the consultancy?
B.Assess and comment on the results obtainable from the solution; for example, Company A will decrease
market share initially, but the saving from the staff reduced will allow the firm to invest in marketing strategy to establish the brand value.
B.Can the Client reach the consultancy company for further assistance in the future? If yes, how? For how long? If not, Why?

A self-reflection report :-
i.Make at least one example of one concept discussed in class that you -as a student and/or professional –
have used/seen in your experience.E.g. describe and comment on business development activities you have experienced.
ii.Produce a critical comment around one or more concepts you have better understood from the course.

1. In introducing the problem, use the data available in the business case study.
2. Make a simple and clear statement. Be sure that what you write is 100% true and backed up by data.
3. Refer to the sources from where you have taken the measures to be monitored for making the Client
4. Do not develop a hypothetical company background/ conditions that are far from those described in
the Business Case Study below.
5. In preparing the coursework, use the suggested structure proposed.

The case background :-
Company A is planning to hire marketing consultants to analyse its current situation and recommendations for a new strategy.

The company sells services to bike riders. The core business is the maintenance of bikes from customers paying a time-based fee (e.g. annual/semi-annual) to get an all-inclusive service. Such a service is part of an innovative business model where the riders pay to get their bikes fixed. The clause is that they have to buy by themselves the pieces to be replaced when it is needed, after a check run by the provider. It means that the revenues come in only by selling subscription plans to customers.

Each subscription covers a single bike. Each customer can subscribe more than once to register multiple cycles. Per each registration, the fee has to be paid depending on the length of the contract. When the customer registers a bike for the first time, the cycle is checked, and damages present at the moment of the registration will not be covered by the services provided in the future. This clause avoids the adverse selection of customers.

Such a business model is appealing, and in the UK, the players in the sector are 7. All of them use
the same business model. Some of them are localised in certain cities only, and others are settled
more homogenously in the national territory.

The companies’ revenues over the last years are reported in Figure 1 and Table 1. At the same time,
Table 2 and Table 3 report the subscriptions sold and the number of customers, respectively.

Table 4 contains the fixed costs of the company, and Table 5 reports the variable costs. The variable
marketing costs presented in Table 6 are included in Table 5 already, but in Table 6 are further specified.

The company has launched a survey to analyse the customers’ moods and assess the service’s quality. A sample of the results is reported in Table 7

With the COVID-19 restrictions in place and the COVID-19 impact on the mobility sector, the UK Cycling market is increasing drastically. Therefore, company A wants to develop marketing strategies to capture the full potentials of the newly shaped market structure in 2021.

Questions from the Client :
These are the questions asked by the Client to the Consultancy company:
1.How can Company A increase its market share in the following years? Which strategy can Company A put in place?
2.What marketing tools can Company A use to grow? Consider the fact that the usage of bikes has been increasing since the pandemic started.

Your objective – as a consultant – is not to respond to the questions; instead, you have to propose
a consultancy plan to satisfy the Client’s needs behind these questions. Namely, you need to propose a plan to step in the company and satisfy the Client.

Table 1- Data about revenues from sales had along the years for the companies in the sector/market segment

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