MKT11104 Global Marketing Assignment-Edinburgh Napier University

Instructions to students:

This Assignment is divided in two parts.Part one and Part two.

Total word count for One & Two is : 4,000 words (+/- 10%)

Both parts are compulsory.

Task: MKT11104 Global Marketing Assignment.

Part One:

According to Rollinson (2010) motivation is “a state arising in process that are internal and external to the individual, in which the person perceives that it is appropriate to pursue a certain course of action (or actions) directed as achieving a specified outcome (or outcomes) and in which the person chooses to pursue those outcomes with a degree of vigour and persistence.” Furthermore, he suggests that it is common place to hear managers refer to motivation “as if it is some sort of medicine that can be dispensed in variable quantities to those who need it most. This is an impossibility.”


Critically analyse this statement using your knowledge of motivational theories.


Evidence required of the following:

  • Definitions, examples and theories surrounding motivation from a range of sources.
  • Analyse the practice adopted by organisations which has been designed to influence individual behaviour.
  • Critique how the given theories may work, in practice. You should consider the practice in different workplaces, industries and reasons for change.
  • Furthermore, you should explore the advantages and disadvantages of the theories presented in obtaining organisational effectiveness.
  • It is important to use appropriate references for the facts given; through application of the APA 6th Ed Referencing system.

Part Two: MKT11104 Global Marketing Assignment-Edinburgh Napier University

Hard system model for change (HSMC) is a method “that has been developed for designing and managing change……… it provides a rigorous and systematic way of determining objectives or goals for change; this is followed by the generation of a range of options for action….” Senior (2006)


Critically evaluate this statement by determining what organisational situations may be either appropriate or inappropriate to employ hard system model for change (HSMC).


  • Analyse the practice of organisational change methodology by discussion of the differences between the hard and soft systems models of change.
  • Analyse how these models might work by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the theories presented.
  • Critically analyse the factors that should be taken into account when considering hard systems approaches to change.
  • It is important to draw a parallel between the theory and practice and use appropriate references for the facts given through application of the APA 6th Ed Referencing system.

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