Multi Channel Marketing Assignment

Module Title :-  Multi Channel Marketing
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
WORD COUNT :- 3000
1. Creation of the Return to the High Street campaign (including communication and over all presentation An answer that demonstrates an excellent understanding of multichannel strategy. The answer identifies a strategic framework e.g. SOSTAC. Each section of strategy is clearly defined and separate. Relevance of each section is continually reemphasised throughout. Also includes additional theoretical underpinnings including e.g. AIDA RACE BEST.
Multi Channel Marketing Assignment
Multi Channel Marketing Assignment

2.Define the campaign goals – determine the appropriate marketing objectives over a 3-month period.

The answer provided an excellent introduction which clearly stated the brief/problem an overview of the proposed solution and the structure of the campaign to come all of which provided an excellent context.

The answer provided an excellent range of well justified SMART communication objectives to be accomplished by the campaign which included a balance of: awareness goals interest goals and conversion goals.

3.Identify your target market and create at least two personas.
The assignment illustrated a range of excellent Persona(s) which clearly put a face to, to your chosen segment. An excellent persona(s) scenario was offered which: was under pinned by drawing on multiple sources of information included the challenges they face and the information they needed

4.Tactics – You must use at least 5-digital marketing tools. These must have a rationale behind their use. You must include mock-ups for your campaign throughout your portfolio from all 5-tools chosen.

Excellent use and evaluation of five multi-channel methods E.g. SEO and PPC search marketing email marketing affiliate marketing social media marketing mobile marketing content marketing and website design, offline marketing methods. Excellent examples and mockups used through out which are illustrated to deepen meaning.

5.Monitoring and measurement – outline your KPIs and the technology to be used to collect manage store and use the data collected from the campaign. You must show why you have made the decisions you have for your multi-channel marketing campaign and evidence the underpinning research and analysis including legal ethical and moral responsibility.

Excellent consideration of the tools and technology used to collect manage store and used data for all 5 multi channel methods chosen. KPI’s for each channel identified and justified.

Multi Channel Marketing Assignment

Multi Channel Marketing Assignment

There is a sound basis of relevant factual knowledge and/or theoretical issues included. Most of the important issues as dealt with in a detailed specific and systematic way. Evidence of creativity critical analysis and a wide base of referenced material beyond that of the core subject matter are included. No significant omissions or errors in written or oral communication.

Learning outcomes assessed
• Critically evaluate the role, relevance and implications of using digital methods in relation to organisations and their markets.
• Design and plan a digital campaign for a chosen brand/retailer which critically evaluates the implications and practicalities of instigating such a campaign.
• Fully utilise and critically appraise technology used to collect manage store and use customer data specifically in relation to implementing customer retention strategies

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