PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 – Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & Code : PSY001-2
Assignment number and title : Assessment 1 Critical Review
Assignment type : CW-LR
Weighting of assignment : 60%
Size or length of assessment : 2000 words
Unit learning outcomes : 1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding of:
a.Social and developmental psychology including key aspects of biological, cognitive and social development across the lifespan
b. Key historical, theoretical and experimental debates within these areas.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
a. Critical evaluation of key empirical studies in social and developmental
PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 – Bedfordshire University UK.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 - Bedfordshire University

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What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
a.Demonstrate broad knowledge, understanding and application of specific topics in social and developmental psychology
b.Demonstrate understanding and interpretation of key empirical studies in developmental and social psychology
through critical analysis and evaluation.
c.Construct a clear summary of a paper and critically evaluate the rationale, methodology, results and conclusions. Draw conclusions about the validity of results and the usefulness of its findings and suggest areas for improvement.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
The summary should contain a brief synopsis of the topic and focus of the paper and the methodology and results of the paper. It should be accurate, concise, and clear. A reader who is unfamiliar with the area should, upon reading the summary, understand the purpose and outcomes of the study, without recourse to other materials. It should not just be a lengthier regurgitation of the original abstract.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 – Bedfordshire University UK.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1

The critical evaluation is the student’s own evaluation of the paper. This can include, for example, evaluating the theoretical development of the study, the methodology or the analyses and results. A good critique of the paper should:
(a) Provide some indication that the student has clearly read and understood every section of the paper.
(c) Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the study and indicate how and why they are a strength or weakness through reasoned arguments.
(d) Include recommendations for how the research study might be improved.
(e) Provide detailed justification of named strengths, weaknesses and recommendations with reference to empirical research to support your claims.
(f) Demonstrate knowledge of related research (by citing additional published papers accurately).

NB. Please note that a good critical review should follow a logical and systematic structure, have appropriate use of
paragraphs and punctuation, and should cite references accurately and according to APA format.

Here is some additional guidance, outlining things you should consider or include:

1.Full APA Reference as title.
Note this should be the title of your critical review in full APA format

Non-evaluative summary
2.What is the topic and focus of the paper?
1. Provide some brief background to the study
2. Identify the rationale
3. Summarise the aims and hypotheses

3.What is the methodology used?
Please include details such as:
1.Summarise the sample (size, demographic, recruitment strategy)
2. Identify the design (was it quantitative, qualitative, longitudinal, cross-sectional, experimental?)
3. What was the method & what measures were used? (e.g., questionnaires, interviews, observation, experimental
4. What was the procedure (if applicable)?
5. How was the data analysed (e.g the statistical tests used to test the hypotheses (quantitative) or theoretical approach used to explore the research questions (qualitative).

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 – Bedfordshire University UK.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1

4.What were the main findings and conclusions?
1. Concise summary of key findings that relate specifically to the aims and hypotheses.
2. Authors conclusion (think about overall ‘take home’ message within the paper and any potential implications of the findings)

Critical Evaluation :
5.What are the strengths and limitations of the paper?
Please critically evaluate the study by identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of it. Please ensure that your ideas are fully justified and backed up by reasoned arguments and with reference to empirical evidence. Aspects you could consider include:
1. Was there a strong rationale underpinning the study?
2. Were the methods used appropriate? Pro’s/con’s?
3. Was an appropriate sample used?
4. Were the findings clear?
5. Did they use the appropriate analysis strategy? (e.g statistical tests or theoretical approach)
6. Are there any confounding variables they have not considered?
7. Were conclusions valid or is there another way to interpret findings?
8. Was the study reliable and valid?
9. What are the implications? Are they weak/strong?

6.How could the study be improved? And why?
For each weakness identified, please make a suggestion for how the study could be improved. These need to be reasonable and valid suggestions for improvements, backed up by empirical evidence. Try to be as specific as possible, providing detail as to how/why this would improve the study.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The topics in the chosen papers relate to topic areas covered within the lectures. The tutorials provide an opportunity to gain assignment support. In these small group tutorials we have multiple sessions dedicating to helping you develop the skills for your assessment and understand how to undertake this piece of work.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1 – Bedfordshire University UK.

PSY001-2 Critical Review Assessment 1

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