PSY004-1 Psychology In Everyday Life Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes of PSY004-1 Psychology In Everyday Life Assignment

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the underpinnings of everyday behaviours from a theoretical and research based perspective.
  2. Show evidence of professional, career and transferrable skills in the context of the application of psychological theory to everyday life.
PSY004-1 Psychology In Everyday Life

What am I required to do in this PSY004-1 Psychology In Everyday Life Assignment ?

You are required to submit an electronic A1 sized poster, which must provide a detailed critical evaluation of a contemporary topic in
psychology, which has relationships/application to the understanding/manipulation of human behaviour. Your choice of topic should focus on content from the Psychology in Everyday Life unit, and be guided by the lecture schedule and the topics listed on the Unit Information

This poster should be aimed at an academic audience and presented in the style of an academic poster. It should include a clear eye catching title that indicates the content of the poster, a background to the topic including a summary of recent research and theories, relevant statistics if appropriate to the topic, and a clear conclusion which draws the points of your poster together and an overall take home message. You are also required to cite your sources of information and include an APA formatted reference list.

Your poster should be eye catching and easy to read and follow. You should make use of text boxes and bullet points, to present your content in clear sections and to include pictures and diagrams to illustrate your points further.

Additional information can be found in the Assessment section on the Breo unit site, including a poster template, and guidance on how to make a poster in Powerpoint. Further support and guidance will be given in tutorials.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Provide a detailed introduction to a contemporary research topic in psychology
  • Demonstrate level-appropriate presentation and professional skills
  • Demonstrate clear communication skills, develop analytical thinking, strategic planning,

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